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Everyone chill.
There are so many things to worry about. Too many! Truly it's in our collective best interest to minimize the number of things to worry about and only focus on the really important ones. And do you know what absolutely
Spoiler alert: They will probably get smaller.
Buying smaller jeans when you've lost a few? Fun. Buying smaller bras? Not so much.But, unfortunately for anyone who's ever asked the diet and workout gods to spare her boobs, breast weight loss is definitely a ~thing~.
It's all about finding the right cuts!
Are you ~*blessed*~ with a full chest but having problems with finding cute and stylish suits that can actually support your boobs? No worries, we understand the dilemma. Below, the best matches for you with some tips on how to look A+:
'I'm learning to celebrate what I was born with.'
c"I remember being really jealous of girls who had small breasts because they could wear cool t-shirts or have this cute underboob and no one was ever offended. You see that all the time, girls who have less breasts, they
Every busty girl knows strapless bras are a real struggle.
If you have big boobs, then you will be aware of all the struggles that come with it. Sure, they're like two cushions for your friends to lean on when they're sad, but wearing a strapless anything is something that
#Blessed, in more ways than one.
When you're born with anything bigger than a B cup, getting dressed sometimes proves to be a struggle. Case in point: button down shirts. They should be one of the easiest, most straightforward things to wear, until they actually turn out
I love being a busty girl. But the season does pose some special challenges for the large-chested.
1. Underboob sweat. And then you go inside into arctic air conditioning and you have...dried underboob sweat. There is no worse feeling than dried underboob sweat except maybe...2. The other special hell that is being big-boobed: removing a sweaty
I love having big boobs. But that doesn't mean there isn't a dark (droopy) side.
1. You can't wear button down shirts because the buttons gape open and you basically look semi-naked. One time I realized this was happening 30 minutes into a work meeting. It's like having spinach in your teeth,