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Plus, the right clothes to wear with them.
We think we're all in agreement when we say that the kind of panties we're wearing is the last thing on our minds when putting together an outfit. We tend to focus more on what's on
This simple change really works!
The obsession to brighten and even out discoloration on the singit never ends. But before we head right into the *big* advice, we'd like to say that it's perfectly okay if your bikini area is a shade darker
With products P500 and below!
There are many things that cause the singit to darken. According to Healthline, hormonal imbalance or certain medications can cause darkening in the inguinal area (aka the groin). Chafing and dry skin are to be blamed, too. But, the biggest culprit of
A guide to getting the closest shave possible.
Before we begin, let us start with this: Body hair is completely normal-don't let society tell you otherwise! Getting rid of extra hair is no one else's choice but yours.That said, if your chosen hair removal method is
Don't be shy—it's just business as usual for your technician.
Before we begin, allow us to say one thing: Body hair is completely normal-don't let society (or your S.O.!) tell you otherwise. Remember that getting rid of ~extra~ hair is a choice you make for yourself.That said,
You can say byeee to ingrowns forever.
Quick question: Is there anything worse than those annoying bumps and ingrowns that appear on your bikini line after you shave?? I'm going to go ahead and answer that for you and say NOPE-they're the worst. But
Say goodbye to uneven skin tone and ingrown hair!
It doesn't matter whether you've got morena, fair, or medium skin tone, you're not exempted from encountering discoloration, ingrown hairs, etc. on the bikini area. Keeping it clean and cared for isn't just to have it
Friction is the enemy.
We're always curious about how celebrities keep their underarm and singit bright and smooth. We love it, even more, when their beauty secrets are super easy to follow. For today's kililkili lesson, we interviewed Pinay YouTuber Angel Dei.
And you can use it for the other parts of your body, too!
Let's take loving yourself to a whole new level by focusing on your vagina. TWO L(I)PS dropped a complete skincare line for your vulva-the accurate term for the outer area of the vagina.They first released a
Pay attention to your V-zone!
It's not something we talk about out in the open, but it's a topic women should discuss: A singit skincare routine. If you asked us five years ago if such a thing exists, we might think it'
We spoke to two medical experts to find out.
For some, hair removal is essential for good hygiene and confidence. After all, waxing or shaving leaves your skin as smooth as a baby's butt. But how necessary is it exactly to remove body hair, especially when it comes to
It didn't hurt at all!
Summer is just around the corner which means bikini season will soon be in. But as we all know, our bikini areas (specifically our singit) tend to be dark because of friction caused by tight clothes and shaving. So if you'
Bikini waxing, to be exact.
1. No, it doesn't get sexy with the waxer. Yes, she has her hands super close to our vagina, but to her, it's as sexy as putting a burger on a bun at a fast food restaurant. She
No. 3 is crucial.
Even if you've done it a million times, going to get a bikini wax can be a harrowing experience. Do you trim beforehand? Should you chitchat while they're doing it or just stare at the ceiling? So many
Like gross ingrown hair!
Now that beach season is in full swing, expect more grooming booboos in the inner thigh area, a.k.a. the bikini line. But we shouldn't always suffer for beauty, CGs! We found ways to fix these common problems.1. Ingrown