So many styles to choose from!
It's 2019, and high-waist bikinis are no longer just reserved for women who can't let go of retro. And honestly, when your Instagram feed is filled with... uh, a lot of skin, it kind of feels ~*refreshing*~ to
And no, wearing swimsuits doesn't make her 'malandi.'
Sue Ramirez can wear whatever she feels like wearing, and she wants people to know it. The 22-year-old actress (who recently wowed us with her bold new haircut) spoke up about being called a "flirt" for wearing a two-piece
Do your thighs rub against each other and cause discomfort? We've got solutions.
We don't talk about it much, but this issue is very real: Thigh chafing. Whether the hot spots may be in the singit or the inner thighs, the friction is bothersome and it causes darkening, too!To help you deal
Hello, supermodel.
According to Kendall Jenner's Instagram Story, she celebrated the USA's 242nd birthday by attending her half-sister Khloé's Fourth of July bash, lighting sparklers, and lounging by the pool in a tiny white bikini from her
Get read to slip into this stylish picks, ASAP!
The summer season calls for one thing: swimsuit shopping! But before you swipe your credit cards to suit up for an upcoming beach trip with your BFFs, sit down and check out what we learned from celebrity stylist Perry Tabora about the
It comes in so many colors, too!
Shopping for swimwear can be downright overwhelming, especially in the summer. The possibilities are endless when it comes to design and fit, not to mention the struggle of finding the right size (something petite and plus-sized ladies are all too familiar
This style is not going anywhere.
Ready to look stylish AF on the beach this summer? Ditch the skimpy bikinis for high-waist ones! From photogenic prints and ruffles to sexy plains, here are our picks for this hot summer trend:Follow Bea on Instagram.
Hi babe, you look amaaaaaazing!
Today in "what's Selena Gomez up to?" news, the newly single lady was photographed on a yacht off the coast of Australia, enjoying some time with friends. As one does whilst private-yachting, Selena was in a bikini, which revealed
Super cute!
In a country where the sun shines bright all year round, there's always a beach girl who's constantly on the hunt for the cutest swimwear. In fact, we've just recently spotted an emerging swimsuit trend as
It's time to show some love to your lady curves! <3
We love the comfort of wearing a one-piece swimsuit: It's carefree, chic, and flatters all body types. But sometimes, it falls short of highlighting our curves. So if you're a girl who wants to emphasize your hips
'Tabi muna tayo tapos spoon kita matulog.'
During her 25th birthday celebration in Boracay, Jessy Mendiola posted a bikini photo of herself while enjoying some downtime.The Instagram picture got hundreds of responses from her followers-some more inappropriate than others.Seeing these comments, Jessy's boyfriend Luis
For the first-timers or plain curious, here's what goes on behind salon doors...
When you think about it, no Pinay would ever pay good money to have hot wax painted on her nether regions so that hair can be ripped from the roots. Yet bikini waxing is a pretty standard grooming habit for thousands of
Supermodel queen Ashley Graham posted some behind the scenes shots of her Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot, and they are ~sizzling.~ Girl is basically naked and writhing in the sand, like you do. Riddle me this: Why is it sexy when Ashley does
Summer peg!
We're pretty sure you're already dreaming up a few beach getaways for the summer-and now, you have even more motivation to plan one. Coleen Garcia just shared some ridiculously gorgeous bikini snaps while in Balesin, and you'll want
Spoiler: Still great.
A ton of Victoria's Secret models gathered in the Bahamas for an unspecified project over the weekend and gave the world an up-close-and-personal peek at what they look like without Photoshop. Answer: Pretty amazing.Lais Ribiero and Elsa
Hailey seems kind of like an afterthought in this pic, TBH.
Bella Hadid was just being a good friend when she posted a sweet happy birthday message to her pal Hailey Baldwin on Instagram on Tuesday night. But to be frank, she really could have chosen a picture that featured the birthday girl
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on October 4, 2016!
1 Solenn Heussaff just gave a sassy clapback to an Instagram user who hated on her bikini pic. After Solenn posted a photo of her relaxing by the pool in a nude Boom Sason bikini, IG user @iam_arleneski commented: "Maghubad ka na
Queen P wants to know your 'status.'
Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach sure knows how to get our attention.Over the weekend, the Pinay beauty queen posted a photo of her wearing a skimpy black bikini on her Instagram account.But knowing Pia, her post wasn't all about
"I just acted on instinct and didn't think about it so much until after we had pinned him down."
Mikaela Kellner, an off-duty Swedish police officer, was sunbathing with three of her friends at Rålambshov Park in Stockholm, Sweden last Wednesday, July 27.At some point, Kellner and her friends were approached by a man who was selling newspapers.
These two are inseparable!
Nadine Lustre has found a BFF (and future sister-in-law, perhaps?) in boyfie James Reid's sister, Lauren Reid!The two have been inseparable since Lauren tagged along the recently concluded JaDine North American tours, with them regularly popping up on
No. 3 is crucial.
Even if you've done it a million times, going to get a bikini wax can be a harrowing experience. Do you trim beforehand? Should you chitchat while they're doing it or just stare at the ceiling? So many
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