She is the daughter of billionaire construction tycoon Alexander Chigirinsky.
Do you remember what you were doing when you were 18? 'Cause I do, and I was most definitely NOT planning a wedding. But apparently that's totally normal these days: 18-year-old Russian heiress Irina Chigirinskaya got married
Wei shen me?
I went to one of those high schools that required every student to take one language class. I wanted to take Spanish or French because they sound so pretty, but, of course, my parents insisted that I take Mandarin instead: "It'
Chryseis Tan may be the daughter of one of the richest men in Malaysia, but she's more than just an heiress.
Though most people know Chryseis Tan as the daughter of the 20th richest man in Malaysia, she is more than just an heiress. Not only is she the CEO of Berjaya Times Square, she's also an investor in Goxip, a popular
Hey, Alexandra—want to switch lives?
Ever wonder who the youngest billionaire is? According to Insider, it's 20-year-old Norwegian heiress Alexandra Andresen. Here's what we know about her: VIDEO: Jean SaturninoOriginal: Meet The World's Youngest BillionaireFollow Ysa on Instagram. Follow Jean on Instagram. ***
Alexandra Andresen is a 20-year-old heiress from Norway.
Alexandra Andresen, a 20-year-old Norwegian heiress, is the world's youngest billionaire. She came into her 10-figure fortune when her father, Johan Andresen, transferred 42% of their family's investment company (Ferd) to her last year.Her sister, Katharina,
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