This. Is. Just. My. Face.
While I firmly believe that Resting Bitch Face is actually just "a woman having a face that doesn't always look happy," aka the same face men have, it doesn't seem like that term is going anywhere. Since the label is
We knew it. *unimpressed face*
Three answers a person with resting bitch face gives all the time: "No, I don't hate you." "No, nothing is wrong and I'm in a perfectly good mood." "Yes, this is my natural resting face and yes, I'm owning
AKA you're actually really mean.
Giphy.com1. You check his phone, read his messages, and go through his emails without asking for his permission. Snooping around reeks of desperation. If you're hell-bent on looking for something wrong, chances are you're going to find it.
She's TV's newest queen bee for a reason.
Emma Roberts stars in Scream Queens as the new resident Mean Girl, and if there's one thing a Mean Girl ought to know, it's the "art" of making the perfect bitch face. Our girl Emma teaches bitch face noob Jimmy
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