This. Is. Just. My. Face.
While I firmly believe that Resting Bitch Face is actually just "a woman having a face that doesn't always look happy," aka the same face men have, it doesn't seem like that term is going anywhere. Since the label is
AKA you're actually really mean.
Giphy.com1. You check his phone, read his messages, and go through his emails without asking for his permission. Snooping around reeks of desperation. If you're hell-bent on looking for something wrong, chances are you're going to find it.
Bring out the 'spice' in 'sugar and spice.' Kaya mo 'yan.
Some people don't want to admit their mistakes or shortcomings, or that someone is better than them in something, so they just call you a bitch. Galing, 'di ba?1. When you call someone out for being sexist.Did someone just
If you enter the train as other people are coming out.
1. If you lean on the pole. Some people need to hold on to that to keep their balance, and you're just not letting them. Bitch!2. If you play your music out loud, without earphones. The public space is not
Try to be nice, will you?
Does your resting bitch face make it hard for you to hit it off with guys? Don't worry, we know you're not doing it on purpose-well, at least not all the time. So here's a cheat sheet to
Ever wonder why men are drawn to bitchy gals? We've got the juicy scoop on what these girls have going for them, and how you can learn from their example.
It's a mystery. You see these great guys dating bitchy women and you think, What the hell? Why is he so into her? Turns out, take-no-crap gals who don't apologize for being in love with their fabulous selves
Twitter is abuzz with Cristine and Sarah's tweet-war. Control the animosity in your own life with Cosmo's tips on getting things done your way--without coming on too strong.
The Twitter world is currently buzzing about Cristine Reyes' angry tweets yesterday. Her heated parinig tweets were allegedly out of spite toward fellow Viva talent Sarah Geronimo, as a lot of netizens figured. The latter is said to have made a double-
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