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Never underestimate the power of social media.
Have you noticed how most beauty brands rarely collaborate with celebs these days? Instead, they use beauty bloggers and vloggers who have at least hundreds of thousands of followers. According to Forbes, "Social media influencer marketing is the largest shift we have
Behind every successful Instagram star is the Instagram Boyfriend.
Laureen Uy, Camille Co, and Kryz Uy (aka Blogger Besties) are known as the trifecta of the blogging industry in the Philippines. With more than 1.8 million Instagram followers combined, their social media influence is definitely legit. But for every curated
And we can confirm: Lighting is everything.
Anyone who's ever had to struggle through getting the perfect #OOTD shot probably has an idea of how much effort it takes to be a blogger or Instagram influencer. It's not as easy as it looks, you guys. Knowing they
How smart!
When Instagram introduced a new algorithm last July, people were pissed. Users were complaining about the lack of new content on their feed, photos they *actually* wanted to see not appearing on their timelines and, arguably the most important bit, a big
These girls serve as major motivation!
As much as we love memes and posts about puppies, help yourself stay motivated so you can actually achieve your fitness goals this year. Ahead are ten fit Pinays whose Instagram accounts will encourage you to hit the gym, or at least,
Having an acting/modeling/singing career may already be a lot to ask for most people, but for these celebrities, it's simply not enough. They are putting their natural skills in front of the camera to good use by adding fashion
They'll make you laugh in less than six minutes, promise.
1. Galileo AraguirangKris Aquino may not be everyone's favorite local personality, but she sure is a favorite on Dubsmash. This U.P Los BaƱos student's dubs of Kris are perfectly in sync, down to the facial expressions and famous
As shown by top fashion bloggers Nicole Andersson, Kryz Uy, Patricia Prieto, and Lissa Kahayon.
Cosmo Girls know it best: The modern Pinay takes things to the next level. Whether it's a great job opportunity or a chance to explore new places, you can have the confidence and ability to chase your dreams and make your
Gadgets and goodies your blogger pals most probably have on their holiday wish list.
Still looking for a gift for your budding blogger friend? Or perhaps you're thinking of starting your own blog too next year? You'll need these essentials to keep things running smoothly at all times. Low battery? No problem! Impromptu interview?
Who: Danika Rio Navarro, fashion blogger behind
Fashion blogger Danika Rio Navarro is one busy girl! Aside from her daily blogging duties (check out!), the fashionista is also a graphic designer and creative director at clothing stores Nava and Creative Boutique. So how does she manage
Who: Patrica Prieto, fashion blogger behind Paradigma.
Want to know what it's like to walk in the shoes (or high heels!) of fashion blogger Patricia Prieto for a day? From pull-outs and shoots to nights out with friends, we're giving you a peek into this fashionista'
These pumped up kicks will never go out of style!
Few fashion trends make it to our list of closet staples-and (thankfully!) the sneaker wedge is fast-becoming one of the classics. The high-top kicks give height, without sacrificing comfort. Plus, they're super versatile because they come in various
Who: Alyssa Lapid, fashion blogger. Bag: Mango.
Alyssa Lapid is no stranger to the fashion world. The petite blogger has gained many followers and fans on her website, where she showcases her chic and classic style. Her influence on the blogosphere has also landed her a stint
We asked celebs at the Exception Music Festival this thought-provoking question. View our gallery to read their answers!
Cosmo girls, we love seeing you set new goals, realize your dreams, and travel the world! Nothing gives us more joy than finding out you are living your life exactly how you want it.So when we bumped into some cool celebrities
We got five beauty bloggers to share the get-gorgeous goods they swear by. Check out these product junkie-approved picks!
Are you one of those girls who are daunted by the plentitude of beauty products out in the market? Step into the health and beauty aisle or wander to the cosmetics counters, and you're bombarded by moisturizers, foundations, and lipsticks in
Pros from fashion, food, photography, sports, music, and more show Cosmo chicks how to pursue their interests and learn new skills, techie-style!
Every go-getting Cosmo girl has a goal in the crosshairs, whether it's becoming a famous performer, a fierce fashionista, a renowned chef, or a visionary photographer. And to make these dreams come true, it's always best to pick up
She may come from a family of style experts, but this young woman has made a name for <i>herself</i> by taking the online fashion world by storm. Read more about this Fun, Fearless Female Awardee!
If there's such a thing as a style gene, Laureen Uy was most definitely born with it. As the younger sister of celebrity stylist and Fun, Fearless Female Awardee for 2011 Liz Uy and Cosmo Philippines creative director Vince Uy, it columnist Bianca Valerio interviews the hot Fil-Aussie model who recently joined the blogging community. Learn why he's worth a second look (or more)!
Bloggers are a dime a dozen these days--at the click of a mouse, you can surf through millions of sites revolving around topics as vast as fashion, food, fake accounts, feelings, and just about anything else you can think of! Now,
Fashion bloggers Camille Co, Lissa Kahayon, and Patricia Prieto rave about the newest broadband stick that keeps them connected and chic. Check it out!
Your choice of broadband stick can affect your work and life--not to mention your productivity--way more than you think. Fashion blogger Camille Co of knows this all too well, and she shares her experience when trying to update
Manila's top fashion and beauty bloggers were brought together for three reasons: they are all fun, fearless, and fair! They shared what makes them confident in NIVEA's newest Facebook app! Check it out!
NIVEA recently launched its new app on Facebook to share these top fashion and beauty bloggers' secret to confidence and aptly named it "Fun, Fearless, and Fair." To begin sharing, NIVEA gathered bloggers Vern Encisco of A Shoe Tale, Shen Gee of