Yikes! Awkward.
A Hollywood career in front of the cameras has many perks, but filming forced, awkward sex scenes is certainly not one of them-especially when things don't unfold quite according to plan.From excessive perspiration to agonizing injuries, the following
Vanessa Hudgens' body double is all over the place!
As far as I'm concerned, there's only one type of film worth watching, and that's the kind where two identical strangers meet in unlikely circumstances and decide to trade lives.Lucky for me, a new one
Still not over this film!
In a little over two weeks since its release in theaters, Kita Kita has earned a rousing P240 million and counting! For an indie rom-com-or a local film, for that matter-these figures are HUGE.As a small way of
It involves baby goats.
Our favorite funny girl Ellen Adarna is back at it again with her seriously hilarz videos, this time for some outtakes of her scorching hot (literally: girl fainted IRL!) cover shoot for FHM Philippines.While cradling some unruly baby goats and getting
Get ready to LOL.
So if you were one of the many, many viewers who watched On The Wings Of Love on November 19, surely you died (an understatement) of kilig, right? I mean, who doesn't love watching wedding proposals-especially if the man on
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