Pay attention to your V-zone!
It's not something we talk about out in the open, but it's a topic women should discuss: A singit skincare routine. If you asked us five years ago if such a thing exists, we might think it'
Elevate your shower experience!
If your mood is driven by scents, try these fragrant bath products for the most refreshing and uplifting ligo ever. This way, you'll have GVs and more energy to kickstart your day!This lightly scented body wash will brighten dark
This is a huge step for the beauty industry.
The word "sustainable" has become a buzz word, thanks to our renewed awareness of environmental changes. The Earth is pleading for help-our resources are not as abundant as they used to be. That said, small adjustments in our lifestyles will contribute
Do your thighs rub against each other and cause discomfort? We've got solutions.
We don't talk about it much, but this issue is very real: Thigh chafing. Whether the hot spots may be in the singit or the inner thighs, the friction is bothersome and it causes darkening, too!To help you deal
Make the most out of your fave bottle!
Besides hydrating scaly arms and legs, your favorite bottle of lotion can be a multitasking beauty product. See the other ways you can use it below:Lotion can melt off makeup and moisturize the skin. Make sure to use a hypoallergenic baby
It's not just for your underarms!
Besides keeping your underarms dry and fresh, a deodorant has other uses that can make your everyday life so much easier. 1. Prevent underboob sweatFeeling your bra soaking in sweat is never pleasant. Mist a deodorant spray under your boobs to avoid
From enzyme pods to foot peels!
Ahhhhhh, Japan-the land of sushi, Gudetama, and women who don't seem to age. Want to know how they keep their beauty game on point? Here are some products that they swear by:Kanebo Suisai Beauty Clear PowderThese cute little
That special dress you picked out isn't staying on for long.
STEP 1: EXFOLIATEIdeally, you should exfoliate your body thrice a week. But because we know how tempting it is to just sleep in instead of devoting a few more minutes in the shower sloughing off dead skin cells, we suggest making a
You'll never sleep soundly again.
Despite the fact that you probably don't spend as much time in your bed as you'd like to-ALL THE TIME-your sheets are basically a breeding ground of bacteria. And even those who wash their sheets regularly can't
Here's a much-needed dose of appreciation for that thing many of us hate: body hair.
1. Your wounds heal better!Hair follicles are rich in stem cells, which are cells that help an organ regenerate. So if you're ~*hair*~, you have a lot of hair follicles and more stem cells in your skin. The stem cells
'I'm a human being and sometimes I just really give in.'
Jessy Mendiola has received more hate thrown at her daily than any of us regular girls have had in a lifestime. The Kapamilya actress, who's been slaying her body-positive disposition amidst all the online shaming, gets even more real as
There's a reason we grow hair down there.
Pubic hair divides women; some love to feel like they're running wild in a meadow, some prefer to regularly mow the lawn, while others prefer to get rid of the grass completely. However you choose to groom (or not to groom)
Look and feel fresh throughout the rest of this scorching summer with these Cosmo-approved body care buys!
Even with the summer months winding down, temperatures are still at a high! We've got the lowdown on summer-perfect personal care products to keep you looking and feeling fresh for the rest of the summer, from fruity body basics to
Boost your metabolism this summer with these tips that will help you lose weight in no time!
It's one of nature's harshest jokes: Some women can scarf down any megacalorie food they want and not gain a single ounce, while the rest of us only have to look at a cheeseburger to feel our jeans tighten. Yeah,
Several of your fave celebs and style icons gather to witness the grand reveal of BFFs George and Raymond's fit and trim new bods.
The recent launch of Cristalle Belo Henares's weight loss clinic Sexy Solutions proved that it's never too late to transform yourself. The high profile event hosted by model Raya Mananquil revolved around the theme "Happy New You!" and featured testimonies
Practice safe sun this season by shielding every inch of you from harmful UV rays. Check out these makeup, skincare, and body care products!
By now, we're sure you're daydreaming about all the beach trips and outdoor gimiks you've got planned for the months ahead. But as you start hunting down the latest summer promos and swimwear trends, it'
Want to get the hourglass figure our cover girl flaunts in our February ish? We reveal how George and her BFF Raymond Gutierrez got their dream bods.
Learn how to keep your face, body, and hair in excellent shape this year by following these expert tips and product recommendations.
While a lot of people may veer from making resolutions to change themselves for the better, since they never get to keep them anyway, there's one resolution you can and must keep: to take better care of your skin and hair.
We're all at risk of this disease, but early detection could save your life. If you notice any of these signs, bring them to your gyne's attention ASAP.
1. A lump in one breast.A mass that is smooth and moveable under the skin is likely to be a fluid-filled cyst. If it feels solid, it's probably a fibroadenoma, a benign growth. However, either could also be a
Cop model/TV host/ columnist Bianca Valerio's tips for adding radiance to your face, body, and hair!
Shiny, soft skin may seem so illusive, when in fact, you can have glistening skin at a moment's notice with just the right products!1. Look slimmer, toned, and scorching hot with a tan and golden physique! No need to bake
Ease your skin, hair, and makeup look from summer to the next season with these must-have beauty tools.
Summer's almost over, but that doesn't mean you should stay stuck in a rut of beach-friendly products. As we transition from bright summer days to wet, dreary rainy months, our makeup looks and hair and skin care gradually need
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