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The TV host and vlogger talks about the pressure on moms to lose weight after giving birth.
TV host Bianca Gonzalez recently opened up about her "payat but strong" mom bod and about comments like "Parang 'di nanganak!" She shared a photo from a Pilates session and said, "I fully realize that photos like this may contribute to
'My imperfections make me perfect.'
If you think that Solenn Heussaff doesn't have any insecurities, think again. The artist opens up about embracing her flaws in a cover of "Dear Insecurity" by Gnash and Ben Abraham. "I have many [insecurities]. We all do. It's important
It makes for an extra spicy Tinola ala Señorita!
Welcome to Jessy Mendiola's kitchen, where she makes her Tinola ala Señorita extra spicy with green chili-and mean comments from bashers! In a new vlog episode, the actress reacts to mean comments while cooking one of her favorite dishes.
'I think it's time to give people comfort.'
To All the Boys I've Loved Before star Lana Condor got so real and opened up about her past struggles with eating disorders and body dysmorphia.Speaking to Elle Canada, Lana said she was a trained dancer and knows firsthand
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on September 17!
Jasmine Curtis-Smith has recently been on the receiving end of horrible comments netizens who claim that she has an eating disorder, specifically anorexia. In an interview with GMA NewsTV, the actress spoke up: "That's a bit harsh. For me,
You go, girls!
You've probably had that moment of reckoning in front of a mirror. It's the start of your day, and a small sliver of panic makes its way up your spine. A million questions run through your head: Bagay
Kyle admits, 'People can get the wrong idea on Instagram sometimes.'
Being a new mom is hard-even for someone like Kylie Jenner who lives a pretty comfortable life. A month after she gave birth to Stormi, Kylie revealed her post-baby body on Snapchat, and everyone was like, "HOW?!" In a YouTube
Sam thinks 'men should talk about [body image struggles] more.'
Everybody loves a good "transformation" story. People are motivated by before and after photos, because finally, they found a way to change, right? But what most people don't tell you is that body image issues don't go away
She also reportedly knows 'all the attention is on her.'
As Kardashian-Jenner fans and fellow lip kit lovers continue to wait for Kylie Jenner to confirm her reported pregnancy, People has offered the next best thing: an update on how she's doing. You've been wondering, haven'
'I have never felt so confident, so happy, and so in love with my body. Stretch marks and all.'
Actress and new mom Kylie Padilla recently took to Instagram to spread body love and we can't help but rally behind her. Writing a brave and heartfelt message, Kylie addressed those who left body shaming comments on an earlier post: "I
My pregnancy size or weight isn't any of your business.
I'm eight months pregnant and recently was standing in line alone at a ferry terminal in downtown Manhattan, waiting to catch the boat back to Jersey City, where I live. There was a man, probably in his late 50s, standing next
Katrina Gumabao is determined to break the norm.
Katrina Gumabao is no stranger to the international modeling scene. In fact, the Filipina plus-size model also made us proud when she first walked for Melbourne Fashion Week last year. This time around, she's all set to conquer the runways
An ode to working out for yourself, not a number.
When I began working as the editorial assistant at the day after I graduated college two years ago, I invested every ounce of energy into my dream job, hustling to prove myself in the Real World.The only downside? Between
Her exact reaction was, 'Oh shit. What did I do?'
Although she's currently one of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood right now (She's in the Baywatch reboot!), Priyanka Chopra had to claw her way into an increasingly competitive industry. And as many struggling actors can relate to, this
Spoiler alert: EVERYONE has it and it's not a big deal.
Ashley Graham may be the queen of self-love and body positivity today, but as she recently revealed in an interview for V Magazine, she wasn't always so confident in herself.After stripping down for a gorgeous nude photo shoot, the
Enough already.
1. Fat women are new to the gym.I can't even begin to tell you how many times people-gym rats and trainers alike-have come up to me to ask if it was my first time working out at the
Liza Golden-Bhojwani explains how much happier she is since she stopped 'fighting against [her] body.'
The pressure to be a certain size or to look a certain way is hard enough in today's world, without considering what it must be like for models in the fashion industry. But one former model, Liza Golden-Bhojwani, has shared
She encourages us to focus on FEELING HEALTHY rather than looking a certain way.
If you need another empowering reminder that there are better ways to measure your health than a number on a scale, Pink is here to give it to you.Taking to Instagram on Saturday, the singer-who just had her second baby
What a dick.
Some people can be incredibly cruel, and this latest story is a clear example of it. A man identified only as "Connor" matched with a girl on Tinder purely with the intention of fat-shaming her, telling her to "be humble and
She won't take it as a compliment.
Candice Huffine, a body positivity advocate and plus-size model, doesn't want to be told she looks skinny-and if you do comment on her size, she sure as hell won't thank you.On Instagram, Candice recently shared a photo