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This is just one of the reasons why she's called the 'Internet's President.'
In more ways than one, Nadine Lustre is a great example when we talk about self-love and inclusivity. Whether she's clapping back at a basher or just sharing an empowering message, she's all about embracing one's body.
'There is no weight limit on beauty.'
This year, summer wasn't just about swimsuits OOTDs and beach-hopping. It's also been the unofficial season for body love, and we're totally here for it! In fact, even if we're already nearing the
"A proud mom displaying a mom bod!"
It's never easy to bare your insecurities to the public, but it can become effortless with practice. Take Sarah Lahbati, for example. She went from hiding her post-pregnancy stretch marks to wearing them loudly and proudly on social media!
'We are all different.'
Lauren Young has an important reminder to everyone: "Be kinder to yourself." In a recent Instagram post, Lauren shared a throwback pic of herself at the gym and opened up about the body image issues she had in the past: "9 years
We're loving this energy!
We're all for celebs who embrace their "flaws," aka the qualities that society thinks aren't beautiful. Neri Naig-Miranda, who has always kept it real on social media, has gifted us with some body love inspo.She posted
She said negative attention on her body has left her 'mental health suffering'
Camila Cabello took to social media this weekend to share an emotional message about body-shaming after her trip to the beach was spoilt by paparazzi. Speaking directly to her 61 million followers, she opened up about how constant pressure to "look
‘I’m about to turn 35 this year and I’m proud of it.’
Here's to all body and age-shamers: Bea Alonzo isn't one to easily back down from you.The actress and vlogger took to her YouTube channel during the weekend to upload a vlog of herself responding to mean comments, proving
Seven of these are cesarian births. What a superwoman!
This Women's Month, we're all about celebrating the life of ladies who have expressed resilience and unwavering strength despite life's curveballs. And what better way to start off than with supermom actress and culinary maven Nadia Montenegro, who recently
'I also celebrate my stretch marks. 'Cause they're awesome.'
Paolo Benjamin of the folk-pop band Ben&Ben recently shared an amazing milestone in his weight loss journey.The lead vocalist and guitarist took to Instagram to share his before and after photos, which featured his toned body and defined abs."
She also encourages other women to do the same.
Mom of two Sarah Lahbati is all for embracing her stretch marks. In an Instagram post uploaded on January 26, she shared that she is "tired of hiding" her stretch marks. She then said, "I'm not perfect. No one is.
'I need a new set of clothes because I'm keeping this bod.'
You know your go-to pair of jeans that used to fit you so well and then one day it just doesn't? Yup, it's happened to all of us before-and Nadine Lustre is apparently no exception! Not
The actress credits the Belo procedure for her postpartum weight loss.
In recent years, celebrities have become considerably open with the cosmetic procedures they've undergone to achieve their stunning figures, dismantling the stigma that revolves around going under the knife. One of the most recent stars to admit having work done on
She took to Instagram to pen an empowering rebuttal.
When TV host Eric Tai a.k.a Eruption posted a photo of him with his wife Rona Tai and their child enjoying holiday at a resort, the comments were not all festive.One particular comment, now deleted, made an offensive remark: "
From 2XS to 5XL.
Folks who are against fast-fashion and support sustainable initiatives often encourage people to shop clothing from local brands-not only does this boost and empower Filipino entrepreneurs, but it also prevents shoppers from contributing to large corporations that may not always
Alba Parejo empowers women who are battling skin issues through her #BareYourBirthmark campaign.
Alba Parejo, a 20-year-old model from Spain, was born with a rare form of skin disease called melanocytic nevus, a condition that causes large moles and large patches of dark skin to form all over her body.These birthmarks, totalling
You know what they say: Your body, your rules.
Geneva Cruz lends her social media platform once again to promote body positivity. The mother of two says no one deserves to be shamed for being confident in their skin.The actress, in her 40s, radiated confidence as she flaunted a two-
Nadine Lustre has never been one to back down when it comes to *trolls* and bashers on social media (and we honestly love her for it). On October 26, a Twitter user made uncalled-for comments about Nadine's body and
'The previous year and this year has been such a struggle for most of us.'
22-year-old Gabbi Garcia has always been vocal about standing up against body-shaming. For example, in August 2021, she called out body-shamers on Twitter and asked for some much-needed "character development" from bashers: "I've been very
'A little louder for the people at the back.'
We're loving Lovi Poe's celebration of body positivity on IG.On September 5, Lovi posted photos of herself wearing a pink swimsuit, with a powerful caption."Suit yourself if you think otherwise: #FlatAndProud. A little louder for the
'My journey from 125 lbs to 111 lbs, though weight loss was not the goal.'