Right this way for a clear, smooth back!
Whether you've had pimples on your back since your teen years or the holiday stress is causing them to become extra red and inflamed. The point is, bacne is annoying and it needs to go, like right now. If the
This year's favorites for getting a healthy, luminous glow!
SKINCAREBrightening SerumsClinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot CorrectorSuffering from marks left by old pimples? Or maybe you've been a bit too lax with your sun protection and are finding more and more dark spots caused by exposure to it. After cleansing
Look and feel fresh throughout the rest of this scorching summer with these Cosmo-approved body care buys!
Even with the summer months winding down, temperatures are still at a high! We've got the lowdown on summer-perfect personal care products to keep you looking and feeling fresh for the rest of the summer, from fruity body basics to
For 2010, The Body Shop relaunches their products that were popular in the 1980s. See, even skin care faves can recur, too—like fashion trends.
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