'Uy, guys, tao din ako.'
In a new vlog post, Jessy Mendiola reacts to throwback photos all the way back from when she was a kid. Showing her cute childhood pics, she recalls her love for pigtails and bangs and sharing clothes with her two sisters.When
And she responded with kindness.
Moira dela Torre was body shamed onstage by a member of the audience during a concert on December 31. She turned to Twitter to unload her thoughts: "To the rude kuya shouting 'ang taba mo laki mo moira panget taba'
'God gave me what he gave me.'
Rhian Ramos was recently the subject of body shaming because of the gown she wore at the 2018 Eddy Awards. The outfit was a black Bea Balajadia hand-beaded evening dress with panel cuts on the sides that dipped down to her
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Franco Mabanta recently felt the Internet's wrath when he publicly announced that he is "100 percent in favor of fat shaming."In a now-deleted Facebook post, Franco wrote, "I think the world would be a better place if all
We couldn't have said it better!
Dominique Cojuangco recently starred in this fun food challenge video by Preview where she had to eat dishes without ruining her makeup. Cute, right?Unfortunately, there were a couple of fat-shamers who lurked in the comments section and couldn't
'Shocked by the number of comments on my post pointing out that I have a belly.'
Bela Padilla is currently in the island paradise of Amanpulo and such an occasion definitely deserves uploading a ~cool~ beach snap on Instagram. So that's exactly what the Kapamilya actress did when she posted a pic of her sitting down
'Please learn to have more empathy for others.'
Gigi Hadid took some time out of her New York Fashion Week schedule to tweet at those who say she looks "too skinny" on the runway this year. Hadid revealed that her apparent weight loss is a result of receiving treatment for
All these women deserve a round of applause!
In the age of social media, it's been incredibly hard to live your life as you please without getting unwarranted comments from total strangers. And celebrities know all too well about receiving online hate-especially when it comes to their
Jas got emotional when she spoke about the body shaming she recently received.
Actress Jasmine Curtis-Smith spoke about how she was affected by the body shaming she received after her noticeable weight loss in the recent months. In a report by PEP.ph, she tearfully admitted the emotional toll of dealing with people who
Sarah gets real about the stigma she's experiencing as a pregnant woman.
Sarah Lahbati, who's currently six months pregnant, revealed on social media that she's been experiencing body shaming because of her changing pregnant body. The actress posted a note on Twitter and on Instagram to address the issue. She
'Ikaw rin po, Tita, tumaba.'
It's not just plus-sized people who get body-shamed. Body-shaming affects people of all shapes and sizes, for as long as the person is bullied or ridiculed for their looks or physical differences:"I went home to my [lola'
'I have never felt so confident, so happy, and so in love with my body. Stretch marks and all.'
Actress and new mom Kylie Padilla recently took to Instagram to spread body love and we can't help but rally behind her. Writing a brave and heartfelt message, Kylie addressed those who left body shaming comments on an earlier post: "I
My pregnancy size or weight isn't any of your business.
I'm eight months pregnant and recently was standing in line alone at a ferry terminal in downtown Manhattan, waiting to catch the boat back to Jersey City, where I live. There was a man, probably in his late 50s, standing next
'You can't just show up in jeans and a T-shirt.'
Ashley Graham is a supermodel who looks incredible every hour of the day. But because she doesn't wear the fashion industry's standard model's size zero, she says she has encountered resistance from the fashion industry. In an interview with
'I don't give even the tiniest of sh*ts what anyone else feels about my body.'
Being a celebrity doesn't necessarily mean you're born with thicker skin, and the downside to being famous must be putting up with the endless negative comments from inane trolls on social media. But the upside must be the satisfaction of
'We believed far too much in the goodness of other people, and now it’s clear that we shouldn’t have.'
Like many women of this generation, I've sent the occasional sexy selfie (sorry, mom) to a guy I thought I could trust, a boyfriend whom I believed would keep that sexy selfie for his viewing pleasure only. And while women like
'People have forgotten that health is more important than size and that meaningful conversations are so much helpful than unsolicited criticism.'
Have you ever experienced a time when you felt ~really~ good about yourself until someone ruined your day by greeting you with, "Ang taba mo!" or "Parang tumaba ka?" or "Buntis ka ba?" How fucking rude. Believe it or not, even Solenn
Enough already.
1. Fat women are new to the gym.I can't even begin to tell you how many times people-gym rats and trainers alike-have come up to me to ask if it was my first time working out at the
Back-handed compliments are no bueno, guys.
For a lot of people, both men and women, weight can be a major source of insecurity. And whenever it's addressed, even if the intentions are good, thoughtless comments can have serious negative effects. Fitness blogger Julia Ana Kim can attest
No, really, WTF?
When I think about all the places I would love to live in, the Netherlands is pretty high up on the list-hello, the capital is Amsterdam so they must be progressive, right? But, as we all know, nothing is perfect.My
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