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She also encouraged others to do the same.
KC Concepcion has become a victim of bashers who comment on her body shape. In an Instagram post, she revealed that during her hiatus, people would make her feel bad for not having a typical Asian slender silhouette. But, she did not
The model gets candid about the industry.
World-famous model, Gigi Hadid has opened up about body image in a new tell-all interview. She also shared that she received some difficult comments on her figure when she started out as a teenager.Speaking to i-D, Gigi, now
It's time to show some love to your lady curves! <3
We love the comfort of wearing a one-piece swimsuit: It's carefree, chic, and flatters all body types. But sometimes, it falls short of highlighting our curves. So if you're a girl who wants to emphasize your hips
Dare to bare this season!
Admit it. Sometimes, our body insecurities can get the best of us. Whether it's the flabby puson, chunky arms, wide hips, big thighs, or giant feet that's weighing you down, don't you fret, because we've got styling tips
She encourages us to focus on FEELING HEALTHY rather than looking a certain way.
If you need another empowering reminder that there are better ways to measure your health than a number on a scale, Pink is here to give it to you.Taking to Instagram on Saturday, the singer-who just had her second baby
The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired on Monday, and during the PINK section, Bruno Mars took the stage in a fur coat and sang his new song "Chunky." It's an upbeat track that follows his funky new sound, but it'
See into the future (of your boobies).
Going through life with breasts on your chest is a wild ride. Even though they're literally attached to you, it's hard to know what exactly is going on with them on any given day. Some mornings, you wake
Your closet needs these!
Less than confident with the state of your arms? Sleeveless tops may make you dyahe, but you also don't have to feel like a manang by hiding under loose shirts! Here are five looks that camouflage your arms without sacrificing style:
Super flattering on your figure!
Instagram/curvygirlchicWhen you're blessed with curves that can put Beyoncé or Kim Kardashian to shame, hiding it under mounds of fabric is the worst thing you can do. Doing so won't mask things you're unconfident about-it will actually
You'll never have full control of your body.
1. A positive body image is about having a healthy body AND a healthy mind. Note that we said "healthy body," not "skinny," not "thin," not "curvy," not "voluptuous." A healthy body has a lot to do with your systems functioning well
This photographer is looking for 100 volunteers!
Jerry Tieng, a Filipino photographer, wants to promote body positivity and celebrate all shapes and sizes. He tells that he, along with many others, grew up having a concept of beauty that was fed by the media. Now that he
It depends on how you do it.
Waist training involves tightly wrapping your waist and lower ribs with a corset or a fabric wrap to have an hourglass figure. It's supposed to "train" your curves to, well, stay as curvy and narrow as they can possibly be. The
Spoiler: You already have one.
1. Eat what you normally eat because you're a living human with caloric needs. You are everything you need to be right now. You don't need to be less or more of it to look good in a bikini. So
Dyahe to wear a two-piece swimsuit? Don't be.
Having a "beach body" is easy-you simply take your body to the beach. You don't need to juice, fast, or go on any other crazy pre-holiday diet, and you certainly CAN eat carbs before El Nido, or whatever other
"I am not a woman whose self-worth comes from her dress size."
Body shaming doesn't discriminate. Whether you're a celeb in the spotlight or a new mom breaking out an old bikini, no one is immune to hateful comments, whether you're "too fat," "too skinny," or even "too
Don't just stop eating and wait to Animorph into Marian Rivera.
1. Eating poorly and being like, "OK TIME TO ANIMORPH INTO MARIAN RIVERA" is not effective. Not only will the weight come right back and you'll be messing with your metabolism forever, but you know you are going to get drunk
If the dance diva/host/actress/fashion designer/entrepreneur can look great everyday despite her busy sched, you can, too! Learn her secrets.
When you've got a busy work sched, trying to finish everything before the holiday break, on top of all the last-minute holiday gift and outfit shopping for parties, it's easy to find an excuse to look haggard and not
Yes, a guy can get body-conscious, too. Here are some of his biggest worries and what YOU can say to help stroke his ego.
Chances are, every now and then you bemoan the fact that men get off so easy not having to worry about their looks. Well, guess what? They do worry. And to make matters worse, they're not supposed to be concerned about
As we transition to a new season, take the opportunity to shop for new outfits that fit and flatter <i>your</i> figure. Our lookbook will guide you.
Have you ever experienced trying out a new trend you've seen on the runway then ended up getting frustrated upon seeing yourself in mirror? Sure, fashion-savvy ladies need to keep up with the hottest trends of the season, but there'
It's not about being a size 0 or 2, or being a small or medium. You can now own a pair of jeans that actually fit and flatter your every curve. It's about shape--not size.
How do you shop for jeans? Do you ask for tons of pairs in your supposed "size" and try on every single pair until you find one that fits the most parts of your lower body? (Only to find out later that