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It’ll make Father’s Day extra special, promise.
If there's anything we got more of this year, it's time-more time at home, and as a result, more time to spend with family. The pandemic reminded us that life is fleeting and it's important to slow down
'He goes to my room to play my guitar and we'll jam lang every night.'
With strict rules about staying home as much as possible, many of us have been spending more time with the family. And yes, that probably means more bickering because we're together all the time, but the upside? Sweet, and sometimes
We're not entirely sure about this one, but at the very least, it's an interesting point of view.
You know how when you're really pissed, and you're ranting about something to a friend, you just can't help but add a "fuck" after every other word? And do you ever wonder why you strangely feel more connected to
Rubdowns are a relaxing way to bond with your guy. Try these techniques to achieve four different--yet equally tantalizing--results.
THE ENERGIZING RUBDOWNStroke StrategyQuick, choppy movements will stimulate and awaken your muscles, providing a last-all-day buzz (who needs coffee?).Mood-Changing Spa StuffThe essence of lemons, limes and other citrus fruits is a great perker-upper. Complete the experience with
Make an effort to bond with his buds and he'll surely fall in love with you even more.
Adding your guys' friends to your fan club isn't just an ego boost-it's great for your relationship, too. Research from SUNY Buffalo found that couples who hang with each other's buddies are happier after one year of marriage
Sick of your usual date routine? Bond with your man over these low-key and laid-back date ideas.
Chill out. New research shows that our reliance on technology is seeping into the bits of time once reserved for actual human interaction, so have a low-key night in. Make plans with your guy to slip into comfy clothes, savor yummy
It's hard to maintain a relationship when you're both busy with your own lives, but these tricks will help you keep the spark alive.
1. Leave little notes. If your guy is heading out of town, pack a few notes in his suitcase that tell him how you can't wait for his return, says psychiatrist Paul Dobransky, author of The Secret Psychology of How We
Girls are often seen as the more talkative sex, but there are a few ways you can connect with your guy without saying a word.
1. Don't state (and then restate) the obvious.Watching the sun set with your guy doesn't require you to provide a running commentary. Sure, it's beautiful, but saying to him "Isn't it so beautiful, hon?" really exhausts the
Find out what your guy <i>really</i> wants to do when you hit the sack after a busy workweek.
When you and your guy work five days a week, sometimes all you want to do is relax the moment you get home. But, that doesn't mean you can't still be intimate with each other. Here's a cheat sheet
If you want a romantic <i>and</i> relaxing bonding sesh with your man, book one or more of these treatments tonight or any day of the Love Month.
Make this year's Valentine's Day a time for some much-needed R&R for you and your beau. As the metro gets crowded with couples and singles celebrating the day of love, there is a place where you can escape
When you have an insanely hectic schedule, your connection needs extra attention. Here's how to carve out some together-time.
1. Speed-date each other.Meet for a quick drink before heading out with your separate groups of friends, says relationship therapist Krista Bloom, PhD. "It's a good way to touch base and keep things grounded," she adds.2. Plan a
Need new ideas to keep your relationship's <i>kilig</i> level up? Here are fun activities that will bring you and your man closer.
1. Indulge your animal instincts.Get a pet together. "You'll see his nurturing side that caring for an animal brings out," says Jennifer Oikle, PhD, psychologist and dating coach in Denver.2. Let him dress you.Let him pick out lingerie
Meeting someone you instantly get along with can be exciting, but beware of getting too close too fast.
In Hollywood, chicks seem to become BFFs (Best Friends Forever) almost instantly, and their alliances fizzle out just as fast. Plenty of real girls participate in full-throttle friendships, too-sometimes with similar results. "Instant best friends give you a sense of
You don't have to spend much on these soothing ideas for unwinding together.
Just chilling out with your man can give you a surge of feel-good vibes. Boost that potential with these ideas:1. Go for a sunny stroll.Dress down and take an arm-in-arm walk through your neighborhood on a breezy
The season of out-of-town romantic escapades may be over, but you can still turn simple occasions into big romantic milestones for your twosome.
Over the holidays, a handful of celebs took some time off from their busy schedules to bond with their loved ones and significant others. Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo, for example, spent some quality time with their kids in Hong Kong, after
Too busy you can't even go to the salon on weekends? Give this nail spa a call--they'll <i>bring</i> your nails the VIP treatment they deserve.
Shaking hands with your office/school crush whom you've been introduced to the first time... Prancing around in your new peep-toe pumps... Holding a cocktail glass while gabbing for hours on end at a hip hangout... These are just some
Happily coupled up? Believe it or not, practicing some bachelorette habits will boost your bond even more!
Yes, you're deliriously happy in love with your guy. And living in coupledom with him is awesome. Well, strange as it sounds, the best way to keep things going strong is to act like you're a single girl occasionally. "There
Sustain your start-of-the-year rush by spoiling yourself just a little bit more.
Yes, the holidays are over, and work has begun. Again. If you still can't let go of your holiday mood and can't seem to get back into the groove, treat yourself to these simple indulgences (and then promise
We know you can't wait to get busy with your hot new guy. Here's why it pays to keep your pants on for the meantime.