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The transformation is ~*wow*~!
Hooters restaurant is famous for hiring well-endowed waitresses. So, it was a pleasant surprise when Hooters waitress, Kirsten Songer shared her genius bra hack. She revealed on her Tiktok page that she's naturally an A-cup but she has ~*
Ooooh yes, it's time to talk about #facts.
This article was reviewed by Melissa Doft, MD at Doft Plastic Surgery based in New York City, and Sybile Val, MD at Val Plastic Surgery based in Atlanta.Thinking about getting a boob job and don't really know where to start?
And will your implants be affected if you do?
Whether you've already had a boob job or are still considering getting breast implants, one question you might have is "Is it okay to breastfeed if you have implants?". You may equally be curious to know whether or not your
They'll be your breast friends (heh).
Hello! Here's a fact about me: I hate wearing bras-especially now that there's really no reason to use one, apart from the few times I had to go out of the house to buy some essentials. I
And they come in four different shades!
I still remember the first time I wore a bra. It felt itchy and uncomfortable; I hated the idea of having to wear something so constricting. And even though bras have been a part of my life for decades and I actually
A doctor explains.
Periods come with plenty of symptoms, including stomach cramps, mood swings, headaches, a change in bowel habits, although everyone experiences different things. And one such change you might often notice during your menstruation is tender boobs. Breasts can become sensitive during the
We asked an expert!
It's easy to get freaked out if you come across a lump during your regular boob check. But most lumps (in particular those found by young women, as 80 percent of breast cancer diagnoses occur in women over 50) are
It's time to start checking.
Boobs, breasts, bossoms, melons, fried eggs...the list of words we use to describe our chests is pretty much endless, but many of us fixate on one thing: their size.Though some might say how happy you are with your cup size
It will be 65 percent cheaper than the original drug.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced a new drug that will potentially make breast cancer treatment significantly more affordable for women worldwide.MORE ABOUT YOUR BOOBS:Called "trastuzumab", the new drug is a type of "biosimilar" medicine, which means that it
Michelle had breast implants for 12 years!
On December 4, former actress and fitness enthusiast Michelle Madrigal bared her plans to have her breast implants removed which she had for 12 years. The 31-year-old said, "They no longer serve me and my lifestyle." In her latest YouTube
…are you doing it rn?
It happened on a Thursday night. I was lying in bed watching my 12th consecutive episode of Schitt's Creek when I felt a hand, a familiar hand, cupping my left boob. 'Twas my own hand. Ah yes, ye olde self-breast
Check out her heated reaction on Twitter.
Chie Filomeno slammed her bashers on Twitter, following comments about how her boobs appeared in her gown at the ABS-CBN Ball."Problemahin niyo problema niyo," Chie said in her tweet. "'Wag boobs ko. Pakialamero't pakialmera na, walang wala [pa]
No, it might not just be your period coming.
When it comes to your boobs being sore, we all know the word on the street is that it's probably because your period is en route. But what are some other reasons your breasts could be feeling especially tender? We
She's chill, you guys!
Yesterday, a netizen tweeted to Gretchen Ho, "@gretchenho Wala ka pala boobs #UKG hahaha"The Umagang Kay Ganda and Matanglawin host had the most chill reply. "Loud [and] proud, my friend," she said.Fans rallied behind Gretchen. One tweeted, "Kesa naman sa
We're totally with you on this one, Barbie!
Barbie Imperial has been soaking up the sun in Boracay and posting her stunning photos on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.Yesterday, the Araw Gabi star posted a photo of herself in a bikini top and denim shorts, only to find herself
Here's why they're more prominent in some people than others.
It's not unusual to have prominent veins on your breasts, but still, some women feel self conscious about them.Veins are a vital part of our bodily system, transporting blood to the heart. Usually, they are buried below the skin,
"You can wear anything." PAHAHAHAHA!
1. "Yeah, but you can get away without wearing a bra." This just implies our boobs are so small, they aren't visible with the naked eye.2. "You're so lucky." We don't feel all that lucky
'I knew I was willing to go through treatments or procedures to look better.'
With Breast Cancer Awareness Month prompting us to look chestward, it's only natural that we take this chance to evaluate our bond with our breasts. While you may not spare a second thought for your twins, for some women, their breasts
'People called me 'blessed' and would often ask me to 'give them some.''
How do you really feel about your breasts?October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in addition to ramping up awareness of the disease that makes up almost 30 percent of cancers among women in the Philippines, this time of the year
‘I wasn’t cast out of society.’
A year ago, I went on a week-long bra-free mission and reported back with tips for anyone willing to try the same. I just loathed the persistent pressure bras put on my chest so much and thought, since my boobs