Here's where you can find it!
If Joy and Ethan's open-ended story in Hello, Love, Goodbye left you wanting, you'll be happy to know that an epilogue actually exists! In the novel version of Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards' blockbuster hit, you can read about
We wonder what she thanked him for!
Heart Evangelista just made a big announcement on her Instagram account. She's coming up with a new book! And basing it on the tagged accounts on her photo, it looks like her book will be published by Summit Books."Here'
'Confidence is incredibly attractive.'
There's no denying the charms and magnetic pull of actor, model, podcaster, and LGBTQIA+ advocate Nico Tortorella. Nico currently stars as Josh in the quirky comedy series Younger alongside Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff, has come out as gender-fluid,
For real this time!
News broke out in October that Bench endorsers Brooklyn Beckham and Cole Sprouse would be coming to Manila to walk the runway for the brand's 30th anniversary fashion show, Under the Stars. This, unfortunately, turned out to be nothing but
When your landi is buking...
If you've scrolled through your feed any time these past few months, you may have seen comic strips from Hunghang Flashbacks (HHFB) posted by your friends. With their deadpan takes on everyday Pinoy life, the hilarious web comics created by D.
We all have that ONE super chismosa relative! UGH.
Living in the palatial Tyersall Park in Singapore, Shang Su Yi and her clan seem to have more money and power compared to the British royal family. Her grandchildren, including Nick Young and Astrid Leong, were brought up in the most aristocratic
An examination of how faithful the series is to Jay Asher's novel.
Whenever a beloved book gets turned into a movie or TV show, the faithful immediately dissect the new adaptation to see what got changed. Usually, the time constraints of a two-hour film, or even a 10-hour TV season (ahem, Game
Because of the 'pressure,' apparently.
A new book will reveal a previously undocumented insight into how Prince Charles felt ahead of his famous wedding with Princess Diana back in July 1981, suggesting the Queen's son "wept" the night before.The book, authored by royal writer Sally
She's officially a model/actress/author. Keep the slashes coming!
Cara Delevingne already has a good thing going as a model/actress, otherwise known as a slashie if you've seen Zoolander. But she's about to add one more career to her job title: author. On Tuesday, Cara announced she's
The novel tells Cady's story from several different characters' POV.
This is not a drill. The literal best movie of the 2000s, Mean Girls, has been adapted for the page by Micol Ostow, and judging from the first excerpts it'll be a pretty faithful version of Tina Fey's original script-
The stolen books are sold online or in shops on Recto Avenue in Manila for half the price.
'It really messed with me.'
Anna Kendrick's anxiety over sex left her feeling humiliated at times.The Pitch Perfect actress is known for her outspoken nature and little is out of bounds, especially when it comes to her personal life.In her new book, Scrappy Little
You won't believe what Zac Efron did to her.
1. She wanted to be a doctor when she was little, but not for the salary. Specifically, she told her mom she wanted to work with poor people and not make them pay. When her mom asked her what she'd do
Now we can add Author to the Bae's credentials.
Alden Richards just teased a pic of his upcoming book on Twitter! In the photo, we can see the Eat Bulaga! superstar going through pages and pages of the book's proofs. Looks like our Bae was very hands-on with his
What a great way to celebrate the end of your teen years!
Instagram/bernardokath, Summit BooksKathryn Bernardo just turned 20 years old over the weekend (March 26) and she's celebrating the end of her teen years by releasing her very own book, Everyday Kath: 365 Ways to be a Teen Queen.Everyday Kath
That ache in your heart whenever you remember those books you lent out and never got back.
1. Running out of space to store your books.Banished from your bursting shelves, some of your books have set up camp on your bed, on your desk, and on the floor. (Where you trip on them sometimes.)2. Reading more than
How old were you when you first read these?
You read these books years ago, whether or not you had to for school or just wanted to in your free time. You may not have enjoyed them so much back then (especially when you had to read them for your book
Inside the manual: "tips for men to let them shape, cajole, or brainwash their women to becoming their 'dream girl.'"
Apparently there is a book for men who are into big breasts that will help them convince their girlfriends or wives to get a boob job. It's called The Convince Her To Get Bigger Breasts Manual. It's written by a
Writer Kate Bolick makes the case that women shouldn't focus on marriage, because a life alone can be pretty great.
Kate Bolick is a spinster and not afraid to admit it. Bolick is the author of the new book Spinster: Making a Life of One's Own, where she makes the case that staying unmarried doesn't mean being sad, lonely, or
Who needs a man when you have a good romance novel to keep you all tingly inside?
Whether you're working on your tan at the beach or too tired to deal with the heat outside, a good book is your best time-killer this summer. Here are six titles that will aid you in wading through this burning
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