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'I'm happy that I have this small corner at home, where I can sit down, grab a book, and relax all day.'
It all started in 2008 with the Twilight book series. "I was obsessed with Twilight," Karen tells Cosmopolitan. Now 30, Karen is a nurse and a collector of books, specifically fiction. Her love for the written word began when she was only
A book editor unpacks her feelings about 'Bridgerton' and other romance novels.
I fell in love with adult romance novels when I was 10 years old.And not just the teeny-bopper, beta boy romances we have today. I liked the real bodice ripper types-the kind of thrilling, forbidden love story that was
You'll want to collect them all!
Though Uniqlo is best known for their fuss-free minimalist apparel, the Japanese retail giant also loves to celebrate pop culture with the quirky styles featured in their Uniqlo UT line. UT is an ever-growing selection of T-shirts that pay
Reading shouldn't feel forced, and I hope you find the same joy in it as much as I do.
BRB, Taking A Break is a new Cosmo series that's all about hitting the pause button on whatever's stressing you out and taking the time to rest and reflect-two things we all need to do more of
It's about to get hot and heavy.
Erotic fiction gets a bad reputation, and it's frankly unfair. Just because a work of literature can be a sexual turn-on does not inherently make it less than. Even "smutty" shouldn't have such a negative connotation. Don&#
'At least one of these will be fun for you to read!'
After showing us her killer ab workouts, Julia Barretto is back with another vlog and this time she's with her baby sister, Claudia Barretto. The actress shared that this year, she wants to read more and become a bookworm just
You know you can read ahead for show spoilers, right?
If you've already binge-watched all of Bridgerton ('cause same!) and are now looking to fill the steamy 19th century English romance void in your life, don't worry, because there's an entire series of books
It's filled with comforting words you need to hear.
One day in my life as an ARMY, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed like I usually do when an ad from a publishing company suddenly appeared. The ad was promoting a book and mentioned the name of my favorite K-
Our love for Namjoon is now deeper than the sea.
BTS' RM loves reading as much as he loves performing on stage. From time to time, he would be seen immersed in a novel or visiting a book store in Seoul. He would always devote time to feed his brain despite
Meet Raoul Rossetti.
You've probably read Cosmo's story about one woman's ~*unforgettable*~ night with a male escort. One night, while she was feeling bored, curious, and a little lonely, Sherrie randomly looked up "male escorts" online. A a few
Enjoy reading the first 10 issues on the app!
Remember when you used to pass around dog-eared copies of True Philippine Ghost Stories as a kid? Turns out you can read digital copies of the old books on your phones! PSICOM Publishing Inc. has the first 10 issues available to
Sinister babies, killer clowns, and ghosts galore.
Sometimes a jump scare just isn't going to cut it. When you are tired of all the cheap scares films and series throw at you, why not give horror books a chance? Horror aficionados may already know all the tricks
Bye, money!
Huge news, bookworms: Our favorite discount bookstore, Booksale, is officially online! Almost all of us grew up scouring the store for books and magazines at affordable prices, and now that we can do so ~*virtually*~.READ MORE:Writer Shakira Sison, whose family
You can have their affordable books delivered to your home.
Book lovers everywhere know that there's nothing better than being on your knees at your favorite Booksale branch, quietly thumbing through books, and finding a rare title for less than P100. While doing that for an extended period of time
Can we get an Etienne St. Clair IRL, please?
Before Lara Jean and Peter K were brought to life by Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, and before the movie blew up on Netflix and social media, To All The Boys I've Loved Before was just your typical Young Adult
We’re in awe of their creativity.
BTS is not only known as a constant record-breaker but also as creatives who bring next-level artistry to their lyrics, with literary references here and there. Their tracks go from heartwarming and relevant to insightful and deep, showing their artistic
It now runs for a whole week!
Every year, writers, bookworms, or just about anyone who wants to celebrate the power of words come together for the Philippine Readers and Writers Festival. The three-day event often held in August features book signings, panel discussions, and book sales. But
There's no stopping the Philippines' biggest book fair.
Every year, the Manila International Book Fair sees long queues and crowded aisles as book lovers from all over the Metro (and even nearby provinces) fill their carts with stacks of books. In January, it was announced that this year's
Get books for as low as P10!
Need some new reading material? You're in luck! Score hard-to-find and best-selling books at the online Summit Books Warehouse Sale, happening from July 15 to 18, 2020. Find titles like Heart Evangelista's fashion guide Styled With
These definitely gave justice to the source material!
Have you ever found the *perfect* novel-you know, the one you can recite lines from verbatim, and if you run out of things to read, you go back to time and time again? Now imagine finding out that it'll