So you can school your friends on the plot holes.
The book: Stephanie Patrick's family was on board a plane that crashed leaving no survivors. Her life destroyed, she turns to drugs and prostitution until she discovers the plane crash was not an accident. She then vows to get revenge
She's building her own library!
ICYMI, Katarina Rodriguez was crowned Miss World Philippines 2018 yesterday. And a quick peek at her IG feed tells us that apparently, this stunning model and beauty queen is also a bookworm! Here's proof: Fun fact: She found it at
It's happening from September 13 to 17, 2017!
Nothing compares to the joy of getting your hands on a fresh, new book, am I right? Be still your hearts, book lovers, because it's that time of the year again: The Manila International Book Fair is happening from September 13
You won't be able to put these down, either.
I've been seeing a lot of mixed reviews about how Netflix's 13 Reasons Why breathed new life into the material presented on Jay Asher's bestselling novel. If you haven't read the book yet, I highly suggest you do,
A small space shouldn’t stop you from carving out your cozy corner!
If you find comfort in the company of books and magazines, we're sure you'd want a special place where you can read to your heart's delight. Whether you dream of a simple spot with floor pillows or a spacious
It looks straight out of 'Beauty and the Beast.'
If you're an avid reader (and book hoarder) like me, you probably enter a bookstore and almost always stay longer than intended. And the thing is, you never regret it. If you ever find yourself in Korea, drop by BookPark and
That's one sea I'd gladly drown in.
For one night last month, a Toronto street was taken over by a river of 10,000 glowing books-literature that you're going to want to dive into, in other words:While this might sound like some bookworm's fever dream,
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