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They also have sandals and loafers on sale!
If your stuck-in-the-1990s heart has been dreaming of owning a pair of combat boots for as long as you can remember, keep reading because your wish may finally come true. When you think of chunky boots, the first name
It's only until November 30, so you don't want to miss this!
English footwear brand Dr. Martens is best known for their signature chunky combat boots. The shoe has been a crowd favorite since the brand's conception in the late 1940s thanks to its durable build, stand-out style, and aesthetic versatility.
They also have low-cut shoes!
We have already established that combat boots are definitely a style staple, whatever your aesthetic may be. You can pair them with a dress for a grungey look or with jeans if you want that edgy, cool vibe. They're so
They come in beige, too!
Pastel anything is just too cute to pass up, so we're pretty sure these Native Johnny Treklite boots will soon be in your carts. We can already imagine how this pair would look good with our jeans, skirts, and dresses.
They're proudly Marikina-made!
If you want to put away your white sneakers for a bit and try another style for a change, why not combat boots? They're durable and very versatile-you can pair them with either a dress or a shirt and
A match made in '90s kids' heaven!
Hello Kitty fans, we know you'll drop everything and run to cop the latest products featuring your fave cartoon cat-whether it be leather bags, quirky backpacks, or graphic tees. Well, ready your wallets because we found something that'
Cool, also what I spend on shoes.
In case you are the one person in the world who somehow missed the Super Bowl halftime show, Shakira and Jennifer Lopez took the stage and completely ruled. Like, sorry, football whomst? I only recognize the sporting event that is Shakira'
We're pining after a pair...or 10!
Admittedly, boots fall nowhere on the sensible spectrum in our timezone of near-eternal summers. We can't help but pine after a pair or two of our own, though-golden autumn has officially arrived elsewhere in the world, and the
Been stumped for rainy day footwear choices lately? We got you!
We usually have rainy days figured out: movies and series to watch, pajamas to wear, and snacks to gorge on. You know it-the ultimate self-care starter pack. But if you can't help but go outdoors when it'
Time to put those white sneakers to rest!
Your white sneakers are without a doubt the most reliable pair in your shoe closet. They go with everything, and by everything-from cool girl outfits, LBDs, and even loooong flowy dresses. But quite frankly, the trend is getting pretty repetitive and
Stay cute and warm in stormy weather!
Although the rainy season is the perfect time to wear waterproof boots, you usually end up removing them once you go indoors. TBH, you don't have to! Before you swap those wellies for your trusty pair of sneakers, check out
Get inspo from these celebs.
The rain is no excuse to look drab! While it's easy to just throw a jacket over whatever you're wearing, why not make a little effort and try a new look for the daily grind? Rain-ready and stylish at
Yes, you can wear them in Manila!
It doesn't have to be winter for you to wear boots as long as you have a) the right pair, and b) the proper styling. If you need a little help with making them look appropriate for Manila, here's
Our cover girl wears them with everything.
It seems like McCoy de Leon is not the only apple of Elisse Josson's eye. Just check out her Instagram account and you'll see her love affair From ultra sexy thigh-highs to rugged combat boots, she has
These puddle stompers are perfect for dancing in the rain!
Now that summer's about to end, we're putting our short shorts, bikinis, and sandals at the back of our closets (sigh), and making room for clothes with more coverage. While that makes us a little sad, we're still excited
Three ensembles, one pair of leather boots. We're showing you how to pull off this rock chic look!
Love experimenting with the latest trends but not quite sure how to do it? We're here to help you out! Living in a tropical country like ours may limit your outfit choices, but it doesn't mean you can't work
Make the world your catwalk this Christmas with fab shoes in various party-perfect styles!
Now that you've (hopefully) completed your Christmas shopping, it's time to bring out your fancy shoes and get ready to party! Footwear is one of the most vital elements in any outfit; a simple change of shoes can dress you
What would you wear if you have the usual modelesque figure? Take a peek on our Quickie Blogger's list and compare it to your wish list.
I have a love-hate relationship with fashion. Whenever I walk into a store, the items I'm drawn to are usually the ones I can't wear-and I hate it. At 5'5" and being a US