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Bad leadership is good reason to jump ship.
There are bosses that you don't get along with, but you know aren't inherently bad; and then there are bosses that are just downright crazy: it's either they're bullies, or they sabotage your career
No matter where you work, these things will help you climb up the career ladder.
There are certain things that apply no matter what industry you find yourself in. We came up with 17 non-negotiables you need to master, whether you're a fresh grad or already a girl boss. Time to take down notes!1.
Leadership is not about superiority, but inspiring others to be great.
Every rank-and-file employee can be a boss, but only a few have what it takes to be a leader. Being a boss is nothing more than having a nice-sounding title on your calling card: It does not take into
Thinking of becoming your own boss? Here's what you have to consider.
Everyone dreams of being their own boss, especially on a particularly shitty day at work. In fact, when we think of freelancers or our self-employed peers, we imagine gorgeous people waking up at noon, lounging around their homes, wearing silk pajamas.
Get your resumes ready if you wanna work for Pinoy showbiz's biggest star.
Anne Cutis-actress, concert queen, social media sensation, It girl, life peg-is hiring! The Kapamilya star recently took to her IG account (Where else? With 4.3M strong followers) to announce a job opening:"Hey guys! We are currently looking to
These ladies tell us what it takes to be successful in our chosen careers.
Olive Ramos, 47CEO, TigerAir PhilippinesIn her 20s: "I worked for the government as a fiscal planning analyst." At 28, she became the VP of an electronics company, the youngest and only woman in executive management.Success is... "pursuing jobs that conform to
'I'm swamped. Can't it wait?'
It's important to think before you speak when it comes to the workplace, especially when your boss is involved. One minor mistake or wrong statement can do major damage to your career. Here are five phrases you should never, ever, utter
What would success look like to her?
Unless your new job title is Duchess of Cambridge or Dictator of a Small Country, you report to someone. Make that person's life as easy as possible from day one, and only good things will happen for you.1. Figure out
Not that you need reminding.
1. She calls the shots. Being a leader isn't an easy task, and having an inherent sense of confidence while still being able to manage a team is super sexy. Just make sure not to piss her off! She is the
Sorry, guys.
Here's yet another advantage to getting more women into powerful positions: Female bosses are just better. Time reports that a wide-ranging study found that women tend to make better managers.A Gallup poll called The State of the American Manager
Men tend to be more confident and self-absorbed, and more likely to go for leadership roles.
A new study published in the Psychological Bulletin found that men are more narcissistic than women [via The Washington Post]. The study involved almost 500,000 participants over 30 years, and found that, regardless of age, men are more manipulative, arrogant, and
Whether she's hard to please or just plain hard to read, there's a way for you to work well with a strict superior. Read on to find out how.
Dealing with a boss you don't get along with can be tough. After all, how can you be productive working from nine to five if you don't feel comfortable with the person you report to? There are many reasons your
The hardworking heiress talks about how she balances her insanely busy work life and social life. Take a leaf out of this stylish lady's book.
Stuck in a work rut? Reassess your career situation by going through our blogger's tips--culled from experience.
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