For starters, "Botox" is actually just a brand.
Most of us know Botox as a non-surgical cosmetic procedure people get to dramatically reduce the appearance of wrinkles. We instantly think of older people going to clinics to get their faces injected to get freakishly smooth skin. But, did you
Leave it to the pros.
So you've heard of Botox horror stories from your friends, huh? Or you've probably read about those online or on TV. You probably have that one friend who tried to get injected with the formula, and well, she didn't
Turns out dudes are searching for the fountain of youth, too.
Women in their mid-20s and older have been getting their faces injected with Botox since the late '90s. Short for Botulinum Toxin, the injectable formula temporarily paralyzes muscles, keeping your face from intensifying smile lines, crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, and
Science has found a way to make high heels a little more comfortable.
Women will go to great lengths to find the perfect pair of stilettos. And they will also TRY to withstand the pain that comes with wearing the perfect pair of heels.But now doctors are saying you can wear your favorite high
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