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Let's focus on the things that really matter.
Flowers are beautiful, but I have to say that I like it better when I receive food. So I was delighted when I saw this unique arrangement from Milo's Flower Shop: It was a bouquet of my favorite childhood snacks.
Maiba naman!
It's nice to receive bouquets, regardless of the occasion. But if you're apart from your significant other and you miss each other so badly, you may request for a floral arrangement that features an always-sold-out, hard-
These are so, so pretty!
Everybody knows there's something uplifting about being surrounded by nature-it's the reason plantitas and plantitos are popping up everywhere! Greenery can do so much to improve your mood. But did you know that flowers are equally good
Warm your hearts in this season of love!
With Valentine's Day officially here, these celebrities are just like all of us, celebrating this special day of love with the most cherished people in our lives. From spa dates, extravagant floral bouquets to throwback photos, check out these 10 nakakakilig
Love is in the air.
Flowers, as gorgeous as they are, wilt within a couple of days, but do you know what'll last forever? The memory of devouring a bouquet of chicken on Valentine's Day-with or without a partner. Señor Pollo&#
The bouquet was inspired by the Great Naga serpent from Thai mythology.
This year's Miss Universe 2018 competition proves to be one for the books. Not only did Catriona Gray bring home the crown, the overall competition-the diverse selection of girls, the all-women judge lineup, and the program itself-was something
It's *so* Martine!
So much drama went down this weekend, but here at Cosmo HQ, the *one* thing we couldn't keep our eyes off of was Martine Cajucom and Cliff Ho's gorgeous Bali wedding. As usual, we ooh'd and
Send your loved ones a message through a pretty bouquet.
Make the month of February ~extra special~ and express your love not just through sweet treats but with some fresh flowers! Just like how Kate Middleton had a well-thought-out wedding bouquet, you can also take your romantic gesture to a
A makeup bouquet? Yas, please!
For the yearly mush that is Valentine's Day, not all women want to receive a bouquet of flowers that will eventually wilt after a few days. There are other arrangements that can make a more lasting impression than cliche red roses.
Chynna shares, ‘I actually appreciate flowers when they’re dead.’
On November 7, Chynna Ortaleza and Kean Cipriano tied the knot for the second time at the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish in Q.C. A non-traditional bride, Chynna carried a bouquet of plum (almost black) Calla Lilies, Cosmos, and
The price tag? $9,000!
On October 31, Descendants of the Sun stars Song Joong Ki (32) and Song Hye Kyo (35) officially got married! The private event was held at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. We couldn't help but notice Hye Kyo's
It's possible to have your dream wedding without breaking the bank!
Weddings are a serious investment, and we don't just mean the lifetime commitment you're making when you tie the knot. Nope-we're also talking about budgets, costs, and expenses, which pile up as you plan your
And it's kinda weird...
So far this year we've discovered a fair few things about weddings including; the reason bridesmaids wear the same dresses, what the meaning of a bridal veil is and now we're about to tell you exactly why we