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Really like the guy? Here are some ways to make an awesome first impression, and keep him coming back for more.
Bust out these moves the next time you're hanging with a dude you really want to see again. The phone will definitely ring.1. Give him encouragement. Say something like "I had a great time tonight" before you part ways. A
Asking your guy to quit smoking, for example, is no picnic. Our hints on tackling touchy topics will help.
1. Open up to him. Broach the topic when you're alone and calm, but don't nag. "Nothing dampens a person's will to change faster than belittlement," says James Claiborn, PhD, coauthor of The Habit Change Workbook. Instead, be direct. "
Does your new man ring you several times a day, or only during odd hours? Figure out his <i>real</i> motives based on his call MO.
1. His calls are always last minute. If you're dating a guy who only calls on the day he has an opening to see you, he's probably the type who likes to keep his options open (in case something better
There are some things that are just not worth giving your man (and yourself!) a hard time about.
No matter how many times we tell you that our guys' nights-out are (mostly) innocent or explain that we just don't feel like talking some nights, you still freak out. Trust us, the following things aren't worth all that
This week, PJ reveals his flirting style and what would make him go from <i>like</i> to <i>love.</i> Plus, see the new batch of sexy pics!
Over the past few weeks, we've really gotten to know our sweet and sexy September Online Hunk PJ Go, your fave among the 2011 Cosmo Summer's Steamy Studs, as proven by your votes. After making a smashing first impression and
It's important to pay close attention to what your new guy decides to open up about. These stories can let you in on his true feelings <i>for you.</i>
1. He tells you about his love history. It's perfectly normal for a dude to dish on a few specifics, like when he split with his last girlfriend or how long they dated. But if he keeps bringing up the ex-
Show your man some genuine gratitude, so he'll value you and your relationship more. Here are compliments that'll do wonders.
1. Gush Over The Tiny Tasks"Men measure their worth through achievements and need them acknowledged," says psychologist Les Parrott, PhD, coauthor of Love Talk. He'll glow if you tell him he did a great job on anything from fixing your
Not sure if the guy you're seeing is a potential partner or is just looking for a hookup? We clue you in on behavior that exposes his real intentions.
1. He treats you like one of the guys. If he's making explicit comments or telling raunchy jokes, he could be testing whether you're willing to connect on a sexual level. Thus, he may not plan on working to reach
Use these convo tricks, and you'll have him wrapped around your finger in no time.
1. Compliment something quirky. Tell him you always like lefties, praise his email humor, or if you're bold, lock eyes and say "I love the way you took charge of planning tonight." Noticing something unique shows you're focused on him
Here, some fascinating facts about male behavior to help us try to figure men out.
No doubt, your man's "typical guy behavior" (keeping his feelings top-secret, playing b-ball with his dirty socks, calling you "right back" two hours later) has been so exasperating at times that you've wanted to wring his neck. Well,
Yes, a guy can get body-conscious, too. Here are some of his biggest worries and what YOU can say to help stroke his ego.
Chances are, every now and then you bemoan the fact that men get off so easy not having to worry about their looks. Well, guess what? They do worry. And to make matters worse, they're not supposed to be concerned about
Without even talking to that guy you're eyeing, size him up through his stance.
His Legs. If he has a narrow stance, he feels vulnerable. If he has a wide stance, however, he's conveying that he can't be pushed around.His Feet. They'll face toward whatever he's interested in. So if they
The guy you're seeing may seem smooth and confident when you're together, but he does have panic buttons. Here, what he's secretly insecure about.
1. His cash flow. Dudes with money often worry that you're only interested in their wallets, especially if you ask a lot about their jobs and lifestyle, while broke guys fear they can't afford to date you. Ask a guy
A dude divulges how to help you manage and deal with your man's gaming habits.
There are quite a few things about us that boggle the imagination-such as our insatiable penchant for beer and televised sports, and yes, our love for video games. 1. Old School Is CoolMost guys have been gaming at a very early
See the hunky spectators and athletes we spotted at last Sunday's basketball match between rivals. They put our biggest man-misconceptions to rest.
Sometimes, we just can't help but make generalizations about ALL guys based on the ones we've dated and the things we've heard from friends, movies, and stuff we read. But, of course, just because we jumped to a certain
Wow your new guy with these simple traits men love. He'll be hooked faster than you can say "commitment."
1. You give good ear. Men want a girl who shows enthusiasm about stuff that's important to him, from his job to his fantasy NBA team. Making eye contact and asking questions convey that genuine interest.2. You do your own
At one point, we've all dated a cocky player. Here's how to detect a dick from as far as 50 feet away, or when he's staring you in the face.
Even if you've never fallen for one of them firsthand, you know they're out there: super charming dudes who sweep women off their feet, take them for the most flirtatious, flattering, and maybe sexual ride of their life, and then-
Before you declare that you're "exclusively" dating that new guy, are you <i>really</i> sure he's not seeing someone else? Here's how you can tell.
Sometimes, it's tough to tell if a guy is seeing only you. Maybe you haven't had the "exclusivity" talk yet, or maybe you have, but for some reason you're still not that sure. The point is, you want to
A Cosmo girl always does her homework. So, if you want a well-endowed dude, here are some sly ways you can measure his package--without getting caught.
Crushing on your seatmate or eyeing that super cute colleague? You've looked him up and down, assessed his personality, but there's still one little, guilty thing you haven't figured out. Girls, even if we hate to admit it--sometimes
Tempted to constantly message your new guy? Put the phone down for a sec and learn when texting could actually do more harm than good.
We know that once you've snagged that cute guy's number and you're on texting terms, it's hard to not send him messages before, during, between, and after class or work. But just because you can (and are dying