Here’s what you need to look out for…
Let's be honest, you usually know when your relationship is going badly. But what's harder to recognize is if your partner is unhappy. Sometimes the relationship is ticking along totally fine-or at least, you think it is-but something
'I feel like I've matured into who I really want to be, and not into someone who has to please a guy.'
We've written dozens of articles for and about single girls, coupled-up girls, girls trying to get over past relationships, and girls looking to get into a new one. But NBSB girls-girls who have had "no boyfriend since birth"-are
Here's a list of what we all want to say to the guy who went *poof*.
Ghosting (verb). When a person who initially expressed interest in you suddenly vanishes in thin air with no warning. This is done in the hopes that the ghostee will just "get the hint" and leave the ghoster alone, instead of telling the
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