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Elmo and Frank Magalona show us how it's done.
Ever wonder what your guy does when he's on a night out with all his bros? Celebrity siblings Elmo and Frank Magalona demonstrate how them boys do it.First thing on their list? Suit up. The two got to try out
It's a stress reliever.
Some women are afraid to let their man partake in a harmless boys' night out. Unless he's the type who forbids you from getting together with your gal pals (which should never be the case, that's a red flag CGs!),
See which celebs partied for a cause at the recent 25th anniversary celebration of a popular hotel chain.
Don't you just feel kilig when you see celebs at the hottest parties in town? Even more so when you find out they're rallying for a good cause, right? We spotted some stars at the Victoria Court Silver Anniversary party
We dare you to get in shape like these fit and fab stars and prepare to run with them in a regional marathon that is sweeping Southeast Asia.
We're sure you've noticed, marathons of all kinds keep cropping up across Metro Manila and the rest of the country. Whether you're a seasoned pro when it comes to hitting the pavement or an occasional jogger who likes to
Hot celebs like Rafael Rosell and Wendy Valdez tossed back a few drinks and smiled for our cameras before dancing the night away.
Would these girls' date with Sam YG, Tony Toni, and Slick Rick end on a great note? Watch part two of our coverage.
Cosmo gathered tips for the boys after tailing the boys of Boys' Night Out on their dates!
Going on a blind date is never a walk in the park, both for women and men. Aside from worrying about what your date would look like and whether or not she's going to find you attractive-all this prior to
Watch our footage of Magic 89.9's Tony Toni, Sam YG, and Slick Rick on dates with three Cosmo chicks!