Clue: There are three Js and an M.
There's a new girl on our radar and her name is Elisse Joson. The Kapamilya beauty is no longer just the pretty BFF of Sofia Andres or that girl with a lust-worthy IG feed; she got her own shot at
FHM magazine's former resident unica hija and now Cosmo's managing editor Mich Lagdameo-Roque cracks the code of the Pinoy male mindset after years of varsity judo and working with an all-male staff.
I've always been "one of the boys," despite being prone to the occasional swipe of lipstick and purchase of gorgeous heels (who isn't, anyway?). Back in college, I was part of a judo varsity team and hung out with guys
aka 'The Touchy Drunk,' 'The Cyber Stalker,' and more.
The Office DoucheHis M.O.: He's courted almost every girl in the office and has been turned down on all times. It's not that he has bad intentions, its just that his crass jokes, capacity to talk about himself all
We're less like Ryan Reynolds in <i>The Proposal</i> and more like Vince Vaughn in real life.
1. Not having enough hair. Are we losing our hair? Can we grow a beard? We need to look like Robin Williams at the start of Jumanji or we are not a man.2. Having a lame "how we met" story.Unfortunately,
While scoping out the newest lifestyle hub in Tomas Morato, we eyed some certified hunks in the crowd. See who we spotted in the gallery!
Since September is all about men at the Cosmo HQ, we're sharpening our Guyspotting senses to give you Cosmo chicks a stronger dose of hunks this month. We recently attended Ignite @ Il Terrazzo, a bash held at the newest hotspot in
At a Bigfish party, we asked these guys to tell us where they draw the line in relationships. It's New Year girls--listen as these men finally speak up.
Admit it--we women tend to expect a lot from men, especially from those we're in a relationship with. But, in the spirit of becoming a better you this year, let's try to be a better girlfriend by listening to
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