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The affirmations will hit you right in the feels.
With everything that's been going on these past few months, it's totally understandable if you have those days when you're feeling low. One quick tip that you can try is to reflect (or better yet, meditate)
Wear them alone or stack them up!
Lately, we've been obsessing over handmade pieces such as dried flower resin jewelry-just knowing that a lot of heart and soul was put into making them makes them all the more special. Another handcrafted one we've spotted
Why haven't we thought of this sooner?
We're pretty sure many of us are familiar with the struggle of clasping our bracelets on our own. It's hard to do it with one hand! We usually ask for assistance for others to help us accomplish the
Check out where you can buy them!
While summer may be officially over, the accessories we've been spotting on Instagram say otherwise. Meet beach- and ocean-inspired jewelry; hair clips, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets that were influenced by the Philippine seas. If you want to get in
You'll want one for yourself.
If you've seen celebs like Sarah Geronimo and Anne Curtis wearing delicate rings, earrings, and bracelets, it's all thanks to NAMÌ. The local brand was created by Cath Sobrevega and Ina Thirthdas in 2016 "on the principles of
No more struggling with tricky clasps!
You know that scene in How to Be Single, where Alice fashions a device to zip up her dresses? This is exactly like that, only on a smaller scale and with practically no hard work involved! The next time you're struggling
You'll never need to ask for help again.
YouTube/sarahmeaghan4It's always a hassle to put on a clasp bracelet. You know how it is: If you don't have someone there to help, you're stuck struggling, wishing you had a third hand. If you're like us, you'
Rock these fab bracelets and necklaces that also do the job of taming your hair!
Don't you just hate how your hair frizzes and gets unmanageable towards the end of the day? In the morning they behave themselves, thanks to our trusty blow dryer, hair iron, and anti-frizz products. But no matter what we do,
Complete your wardrobe for the season with these trendy and statement-making add-ons.
Look stylish with minimal effort by complementing your summer outfits with the season's hottest accessories. Since it's sexy and practical to bare more skin this season, you can instead draw attention to your best features with these flattering and functional
It's pay-day weekend! Allow yourself to do a little shopping--even if it's just for little trinkets, head accessories, and bags!
The easiest way to update old outfits--make them on-trend and look new--is to accessorize them. After shopping for new outfits for V-Day (whichever way you celebrated it), why don't you allow yourself to splurge on some hot
See the <em>Darna</em> star's cute knick-knacks that she carries along with other essentials in her designer bag.