She went into the hospital with abdominal pains.
An Australian woman recently went into the hospital complaining of abdominal cramps and pain. Which, relatable, right? Except that in this case, it was only after doctors did a CT scan that they realized the pain in question was coming from a
You'll never need to ask for help again.
YouTube/sarahmeaghan4It's always a hassle to put on a clasp bracelet. You know how it is: If you don't have someone there to help, you're stuck struggling, wishing you had a third hand. If you're like us, you'
If you thought your first kiss was awkward, imagine having it with braces.
1. Picking out a color for your braces' elastics. Especially hard if you're naturally indecisive, and your dentist presents you with every color under the rainbow. Some elastics even have glitters! I'm going to wear this color on my teeth
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