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From beginner-friendly to advanced!
You promised yourself to learn new things in 2020, and one of the items on your list is to master braided hairstyles. You're now ready to graduate from the usual ponytail, congrats! Whether you've been wanting to perfect
Does *your* guy friend braid *your* hair? Didn't think so.
Shawn Mendes, wearer of face-masks and owner of the most beautiful voice known to man, can now add one more skill to his already-impressive resume: hair braider.This weekend, Camila Cabello shared a photo of her and Shawn backstage at
It's time to try something new!
Nadine Lustre always looks good with whatever hairstyle she's wearing. But lately, we noticed she's all about the ~*braids*~. If you're looking to spice up your everyday hair look, scroll below for inspo from Nadz!You
Get it twisted.
Because there are way too many ways to wear braids, it's nearly impossible for anyone to outgrow them. No matter your age or personal style, there's a braided 'do for you! Whether you want to look edgy
Let actress-singer Julie Anne San Jose show you how!
We know that on most days, you rush in the morning, barely have time to finish your breakfast, and much less to style your hair. But on the chance that you wake up early feeling ~*extra*~, let actress Julie Anne San Jose
For the bride, bridesmaid, or wedding guest!
There's nothing prettier than wearing braids to a wedding. The hairstyle perfectly complements the romantic ambience, not to mention your gorgeous outfit. Whether you're a wedding guest or bride-to-be, you'll love to be seen
We couldn't imagine the Mother of Dragons doing this herself, though.
The Game of Thrones Season 7 is set to air on July 17 and fans cannot wait! Besides the action, gore, and twisted plots, we will again see the meticulously braided locks of Daenerys Targaryen.The Mother of Dragons' signature platinum plaits
Warning: It's gonna test your braid skills and arm muscles! Are you ready?
We'll just say it: The underrated hero of Wonder Woman was Gal Gadot's warrior braid in the first half of the movie. Look at it! If I wore that every day I'd feel like I could kick ass all
Braided pigtails aren't just for seven year olds.
Nor are they simply for working out! Just take a look at Nadine Lustre sporting boxer braids by her go-to hair guy, Paul Nebres.The sleek, pulled-back style is ideal for summer, because we all know how hot it gets
Keep it festive with these pretty 'dos!
Got a little time on your hands? Show up at your Christmas party with a braided hairstyle that instantly updates your look. Here are a few you can make on your own or with the help of a friend-don't forget
No foundation? No problem!
Further proof that Angel Locsin is a ~*goddess*~? On a recent television guesting to promote The Third Party, the 31-year-old actress showed off her flawless complexion by going foundation-free!"(01012160) no foundation look on It's Showtime & Star Cinema
Best Husband Ever!
Movie hunk Chris Pratt has mastered the art of braiding his wife's hair.The Jurassic World star's sister taught him how to fix her hair when he was growing up-something he was able to put to good use with
Bela Padilla is known for sporting the prettiest and most romantic braided hairstyles. Here, six of her best looks that are giving us a serious case of braid envy:Headband braidEverything about this hairstyle is amazing. From her full fringes to voluminous
Whether you're the bride or a bridesmaid, these updos can do no wrong!
Whether you're the bride or a bridesmaid, romantic braided updos will always look gorgeous in weddings. Here are five of our favorites:1. Classic Dutch braid The brunette girl in the photo is actually actress Lucy Hale, who wears a chin-
It's not as hard as it looks!
YouTube/Cosmopolitan.comWaterfall braids are fit for fairy tales, but that doesn't mean they need to be confined to your dreams. Follow celebrity hairstylist Sarah Potempa's easy-peasy tutorial to achieve soft and magical locks of your own. See the
We bow down to you pastel braid master.
Instagram/efidaviesIt's been YEARS and we still haven't managed to master the fishtail braid, let alone boxer braids, but that doesn't stop us trying.If, like us, you are after some serious braid inspiration, look no further than Efi
Bye bye, man buns?
Instagram/@louteasdaleLast year, Jared Leto walked the Golden Globes red carpet looking very fine with his then-signature long wavy locks in a low braid. And we all freaked out because it looked SO good on him:Prior to that, Harry Styles
It is ABSOLUTELY doable.
When Lucy Hale walked the red carpet for the 2015 People's Choice Awards on January 7, everyone was instantly drawn to her gorgeous braided updo:Up close, her 'do looked like this:While Lucy and her Pretty Little Liars co-stars
If you're not pancaking your braid, what are you doing with your life?
Achieving those voluminous, enviable braids that dominate Pinterest is actually much easier than you think with a little trick called "pancaking."The idea here is to make your braid flatter, like a pancake, so it creates the illusion of a bigger braid.
Boxer braids FTW.
We can't recall a time when we were not obsessed with braids. We can't help it-they're pretty, practical, and keep our hair away from our face the whole day. (Also, they make us feel like princesses.)In Hollywood,