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~*Stimulate your brain.*~
Teenagers who remain in school until they are at least 18 are more likely to avoid dementia as the years go on, new research has found.Keeping the brain busy for as long as possible during your younger years and as an
Research shows that women with strong legs will have a fit brain when they get older!
A study published in Gerontology has found that women who have strong legs have a "fit" brain that resists the effects of aging. The researchers, who did the study for 10 years, said that there was a "striking protective relationship" between high
Hooray, carbs!
The Paleo diet revolves around the concept that we should eat the way our more primitive ancestors did, meaning lots of animal protein and very few carbs. But it turns out our ancient ancestors loved themselves some starches, Quartz reports. In a
Who doesn't want to stay sharp?
If you want to process information faster and to have a better memory recall, don't limit yourself to doing crossword or Sudoku puzzles or spending time on your brain-training apps on your phone-sounds very tita, right? If you get
Cauliflower! Cinnamon! Pumpkin Seeds!
There's been a connection found between what you eat and how it affects your brain and your immune system. Yup, it's not just your body that's affected by food. Brain cells were thought to die as we get older,