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Here at, we're big on bralettes and bodysuits because of their versatility. You can choose to just wear them at home as loungewear or dress them up when heading out, so we really consider them to be ~style
They look so dreamy!
If there are two things we believe people need more of in their closets, it would be bralettes and bodysuits. Both are just so versatile-you can wear them at home or outside! You can pair them with anything and you'
There's one for every budget!
If you're one of the many who is obsessed with the comfort and style that bralettes give, you want a piece that you can still use after the quarantine period ends. Cost-per-wear is always important, right? Well, the
Style balance achieved!
We've noticed a spike in bralette sales during the quarantine period. We weren't surprised because compared to the usual padded and underwire bras we wear every time we're out, these ~loungerie~ are super comfy. They don&#
It's lingerie that needs to be *seen*.
Lately, Julia Barretto has been serving some ~lewks~, even if she's just staying at home. One particular detail we've noticed is that she's obsessed with delicate bralette sets. We decided to do a bit of internet
We're obsessed.
Fact: We love bralettes so much because they are so versatile! You can wear them to formal events and have them *peek* through your dress or go the casual route and wear them alone underneath your jacket. They're very comfortable,
Time to start hoarding bralettes! First of all, they're super comfy, and are like training/baby bras but for adults. They also come in super cute styles-cute enough to show the world! And since they're very light, they're