Do you know your boob shape?
For whatever reason, buying a bra and figuring out your size is one of the most complicated processes ever. So I asked Ra'el Cohen, the chief creative officer of indie lingerie brand ThirdLove, everything you possibly need to know about
Are you wearing the right bra size?
Finding the right bra is tricky AF-the fit differs for every brand, and most of the time, we just settle for what's available out there. But wearing a bra that FITS you can do wonders: Suddenly your posture is
Because a bra can make or break your outfit.
When it comes to bras, it's never one-type-fits-all. Here are the ones you need to have in your closet:Yes, even if you're not a hardcore gym rat! You'll need a great-fitting sports bra that
I often joke about what a dream it would be to just saunter around braless each day, and I'm sure a lot of women feel the same. But ever since I was old enough to start wearing a bra, I've
It only needs to be worn for an hour a week to spot the symptoms.
An 18-year-old boy from Mexico has wowed scientists with his recent invention: A bra which claims to be able to detect breast cancer symptoms. Student Julian Rios Cantu won the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) for
Its hidden pocket is not for your keys.
Last spring, mother of two Jennifer Cutrona was randomly attacked by a man lurking along the wooded path where she was running, according to Fox59. Like most women who run alone, she was completely unarmed-and felt lucky AF to get away
Because your boobs deserve better.
Finding the perfect bra that fits like a glove and makes you look good is like finding your one true love. But like tragic telenovelas, these relationships are not meant to last forever. An everyday bra, when well cared for, has an
Quick fixes and genius tricks for all your most annoying bra struggles.
While finding the right size is half the battle, tricky necklines, falling straps, and poking underwires are just some of the problems every girl faces at one time or another. From tips for making your bras last longer and keeping your straps
When you're hooking up with someone and you take off your shirt and then bam, nipples. No waiting.
1. No gross sweat stains on your bra making you want to throw up when you take it off. Because you're not wearing one. Boom. Nailed it. 2. Not having to hand-wash the bra you just wore and hang it
Brassieres have come a long way, baby.
The Internet loves a good "100 Years..." beauty or fashion video and although this one from Glamour covers a much longer period of time (it starts with the Roman Empire) it fits nicely into the category. (There's even a "100 Years
The Great British Bra survey has just uncovered some new, didn't-know-before-facts about our breasts...
The Great British Bra survey has just uncovered some more information that we're pretty sure NO ONE KNOWS-or at least we didn't, anyway.Even if you've followed all the amazing tips on how to find out your correct
Or just numb boobs...
Women with small boobs, listen up. Because if you've ever wished for a more generous helping in the mammary gland department, some scientist somewhere in the depths of Serbia thinks he's come up with a non-surgical solution.A vibrating
How do you even get them on by yourself?
1. The pure relief you feel at the end of the day when you take them off. I've had this described to me on multiple occasions through a variety of different expressive mediums, and it sounds way better than how just
All hail the power of underwire.
A woman was on a holiday bike ride with her husband in the Mecklenberg-Western Pomerania area of Germany, when she felt a sudden, sharp pain in her chest. It turned out to be a stray bullet from a nearby wild boar
Here's the real scoop on caring for those cups!
The rules of bra-washing can be confusing: Wash it often, and you'll end up ruining it. Not cleaning it for an extended period, besides being gross and unhygienic, will also wreck it. What's a girl to do? Compromise.The
Get it together, guys! It's not brain surgery.
The task seemed easy enough-unclasp the bra from the dress form as quickly and as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, when it comes to dudes and bras, nothing is ever easy.Cast: Ryan, Sam, Stravinsky, Alex, Mike, Keith, Alex, and Andrew.***This
Sure, you weren't #blessed with big breasts, but that's okay!
Also known as the gallery of the best bras to help lift and shape your girls-because we all know you are totally wearing that low-cut dress to seduce your man during Valentine's dinner.P.S. Fine, it doesn&#
Look better naked!
With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's time to heat things up with racier intimates. We're talking about form-flattering, cleavage-enhancing, sexy lace-trimmed ones, and silky silhouettes that are sure to bring out your inner sex
Triumph's newest lingerie collections feature nearly-invisible bras and undies, and sexy control wear you won't be <i>dyahe</i> to flaunt.
Any Cosmo girl knows that the wrong undergarments can totally screw up a perfectly good outfit via VPLs (Visible Panty Lines), peeping bra straps, and bunched-up excess fabric showing through a hot LBD.Yikes. That's why we should all be
Cosmo's resident guy pal shares his cleavage countdown.
It's rather fascinating to look and talk about boobs. They come in all shapes and sizes on you ladies, and we men certainly take notice. Whether you're wearing a bikini or a dress, it certainly adds plus points if
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