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We promise these places will hurt you less than your last break-up.
Getting a Brazilian wax for the first time is one of the scariest (probably most dreadful, even, thanks to all the articles out there that you swear were made to make you cancel that appointment while you still can) firsts you'
These will help you on your next appointment!
Did you know there's actually more than one shape you can get during a bikini wax sesh? Learn about the four shapes by watching this video:ILLUSTRATION: Camille AnduizaVIDEO EDITED BY: Coleen OlivaOriginal: INFOGRAPHIC: Bikini Wax ShapesFollow Retty on Instagram.
Keep everything down there smooth and ~flawless~!
After hair has been pulled out from your bikini area, the skin feels raw, sensitive, and sore. Follow these post-wax care steps to guarantee a smooth and flawless skin for the next few weeks!Redness is inevitable after a waxing session.
Deep breaths are v v important.
Getting a Brazilian wax is an intimate experience: You're naked from the waist down, and you have to trust a stranger to pour hot liquid onto your cooch and to pull out e-v-e-r-y single hair from
Here's the naked truth.
If you've been scheduling Brazilian wax treatments days ahead of sexy time with your S.O., Strip: Ministry of Waxing founder Cynthia Chua is here to settle things once and for all. asked the burning question *every* girl
Basically, just breathe, breathe, breathe.
Before I stepped foot into the salon last week, I'd never successfully waxed anything before. I'd thought about it. I'd browsed my options. In college, I even ordered a do-it-yourself waxing kit off Amazon. But there's
A little bush ain't so bad.
Note to self: Don't wax it all the way.Unless your man is willing to get a Boyzilian (the male equivalent of a Brazilian), you can spare your pubic area from the nakedness of being totally hairless. It's not that
Ready, set, STRIIIIIPP!
1. Thou shall wax a week after your period.There is no way in hell you should even consider getting waxed (whatever body part!) when you have your period, because your skin is a lot more sensitive during this time. Wait at
<i>Au naturel</i>, trimmed, or smooth as a baby's bottom? Find out what guys really like!
Ladies, you may want to schedule your next appointment at your favorite waxing salon.We asked our friends from FHM Philippines to post a poll asking guys how they want their ladies to groom themselves down there. The verdict: yup, they want
Introducing the Va j-j Visor: the "1st ever vaginal shield for safer hair removal and tanning protection."
If you think Asia has the grossest beauty trends, think again: VJJ Enterprises, Inc. based in Sumner, Washington created the most bizarre (yet brilliant) innovation to hit the nether region: the Va j-j Visor. According to its website, it's "a
The lowdown on our favorite places to go bare down there.
Calling all wax veterans and virgins! Cosmo answers your de-fuzzing dilemmas with this handy roundup of waxing salons in the metro. View the gallery and get ready to 1...2...strip!
Spoil yourself this month and treat your body to some prime pampering, nail care, and instant beauty!
Wondering which process of hair removal is best? We give you a rundown of the pros and cons of each plus some tips that might come in handy!
Our hair is supposed to be our crowning glory. Problem is, if it's growing in unsightly places, where's the glory in that? Here are tips and tricks for you, Cosmo gals, on how to handle that hairy situation:BLEACHING: The