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This is so heartbreaking.
Did you watch footage from Ariana Grande's concert in St. Louis this weekend? If so, you might be wondering why she broke down into tears mid-way through a super emotional performance of "R.E.M."A fan video posted
Boys cry too.
A breakup is an arduous experience. First there's the denial of it all, trying to mend something that obviously has no chance in hell of being put back together again. Then there's the pandering for attention, morbidly depressing posts on
While ending a relationship can be traumatic and painful, there are ways to get by with minimal drama and your dignity intact. Here they are.
You've been with him for what feels like forever, and suddenly you struggling to get by without him. It is difficult, that's for sure, but drawing out some guidelines for yourself during the post-breakup period can help you trudge