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I've learned to love myself on both good and bad skin days.
Acne has been a constant in my life ever since I started going through puberty. My spots were still small back then, but I didn't really give them a second thought until I hit high school. During that time, I
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I don't know about you, but I actually *like* crying, especially when I'm stressed. I feel like it's one way to physically release pent-up emotions and frustrations, and I usually end up feeling a lot
A derm weighs in on *everything* you need to know.
K, I got some important news for ya: Despite what your frantic internet search history might be telling you, breaking out after starting a new skincare product isn't always a sign that your skin is "purging." Nope, according to dermatologist
It's actually a pretty common skin concern.
Hello there! Let's talk about pimples today-specifically, those that pop up around or even *on* your brows. While we know that getting zits on your face is a fairly common occurrence, it becomes weird when it erupts in the
'Don't feel bad because 'you're not supposed to feel bad' about such a 'small' problem.'
Fact: Getting acne is normal, and no one is really exempted from it-not even celebs! We're so used to seeing them in full glam that it's always refreshing to see when someone gets *real* about their skin
It's an ingredient that's better off on your salads.
Oh, apple cider vinegar. Love it or hate it, we gotta admit that it has become one of the go-to products of Pinays for their complexion woes. A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of testimonies claiming it has done miracles
Picked your zits? Overdid the acids? Went cray with retinol? Come along.
You're at home, you're bored, and you're probably breaking out. Seems like an excellent time to completely and radically alter your skincare routine! Yeah! Go through your medicine cabinet and slather on that weird, definitely expired cream your tita
Whatever you do, don't pick.
So you've got a big ol' zit. What now? Sorry to burst your bubble (heh), but you can't make a pimple totally disappear in a matter of minutes. You can, however, encourage the healing process and make
Those DIY skincare hacks aren't doing you any good.
You know this scene too well: You see a zit on your face and think of clever ways to get rid of it. You head to Google to find a home remedy-you just want the baddie gone ASAP. While we won&#
It's not just you.
If you've ever noticed a flare-up of breakouts appear after flying, then you're not alone. Because it turns out, "airplane acne" is a genuine thing that exists in the world and SHOCK HORROR, it affects women more than men.
Stop resting your chin in your hands, guys.
You know this already, but chances are you're not doing it-you need to take your make-up off every night (even if it's 3 a.m., and even if your pores are basically 90% non-existent anyway). Not only
Avoid sudden breakouts by being vigilant of these sneaky acne triggers.
Imagine waking up on a perfectly beautiful day only to find a brand new pimple on your face. Major buzz kill! You'll probably wonder where it came from or what you did wrong. You can blame it on hormones or sheer
Want to look fresh and flawless first thing in the morning? columnist Bianca Valerio clues us in on snooze time tricks to keep wrinkles and breakouts at bay.
If there's one thing we would never want to be caught dead in, it's that just-got-out-of-bed look! Mind you, this is not in any way, shape, or form the same as the just-had-sex look,