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'Red' will have 30 tracks!
Today, June 19, Taylor Swift announced that she's re-recording her 2012 album Red. Titled Red (Taylor's Version), the "new" album will have 30 tracks. This means there will be 14 new songs for all of us to obsess
Get over your biggest heartache one song at a time.
This one's for: The one you can't forgetThis folk-rock ballad talks about losing someone and the constant yearning to bring back the past. It's for those time when you'd do anything just to have
'I want to be an open book in my art...'
Nick Jonas found it hard to relive his breakup with Olivia Culpo while writing songs for his upcoming album.The "Jealous" singer and beauty queen called time on their two-year relationship last year when the pop star was working on his
It wasn't that she didn't want to hear about my life. She just didn't want to hear about anything good happening in my life.
Sometimes you're too close to a person to realize that the thing that connects the two of you isn't something that fosters true friendship. This was the case with one of my former best friends-I'll call her Kate.
Because ice cream is not enough.
Fact: every breakup deserves an angsty anthem to remember it by. Whether you want to say F*ck You you to the boy who moved on too soon, or you're so relieved to ditch that Womanizer who Gives You Hell, it'
<i>Bagong</i> break? Our no-fail schedule to get you through the toughest fake holiday.
February 14 7 a.m.Wake up when the alarm goes off, but stay under the sheets for a good 30 minutes before you bring yourself to actually get out of bed.8 a.m. Take a long bath and an equally
These failed celebrity romances wre-e-ecked us.
While there are celebrity couples who've stayed blissfully bonded for years (never let us down, Posh and Becks), there are nasty breakups and failed relationships that cut our fangirl hearts so deeply, they're enough to make us swear off love
Jonathan and Ivory did. Watch their viral breakup video here, and let us know what you think!
Jonathan and Ivory have been together for five years, but they decided to call it quits after realizing a fundamental difference they could never reconcile:"I wanna have kids." - Jonathan"...And I really don't." - IvoryWatch their original song number here:Is
How has 2012 been treating you so far? If you have yet to see better days, hold your head up and listen to songs that somehow make you feel strong. managing ed Trixie Reyna shares her picks.
I had been warned: 2012 would be a bad year for my sign. Like a self-fulfilling prophecy, while the year was off to a great start, it seems Lady Luck has turned her back on me for now...and negativity started
Let these strong songstresses support you through your heartache and help you deal with the different relationship woes that have plagued us all.
When you want to ease your pain, but can't find the words that would do that, there's only one thing to do: Listen to music. Sure, you could go through the alternative recovery techniques (i.e. watch a feel-good
You don't always have to be angsty about a lost love, especially during the Love Month. Here's our playlist to get you through.
Yes, we totally get it. The sight of couples holding hands everywhere or girls carrying enormous bouquets of flowers on Valentine's Day wasn't an easy sight for those of you who are nursing a broken heart. But, there's nothing
Heartbreak? Happiness? Good times at the club? Lady Gaga's got your soundtrack covered, from boys to breakups! What's YOUR Gaga song?
They play our July cover girl Lady Gaga's songs at all the clubs because her beats are perfect for dancing. No night out with the girls is complete without "Bad Romance" or "Telephone," and you can bop your head to "Alejandro"
It's Valentine's Day, and if you're in the mood for love, R&B superstar Ne-Yo's here to talk about five songs he thinks will make your heart sing.