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It's just as important as the wedding dress!
The wrong type of underwear can ruin even the most beautiful (and expensive) gown. Consider these factors when choosing your underthings for the Big Day:Underwear is especially critical if your wedding gown is made of light or flimsy material. If it
Check out these tips to make getting ready a breeze!
GET A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEPWhile your makeup artist can hide your eye bags and dark circles, nothing beats getting a good night's sleep before your big day. The excitement may make it impossible for you to get some shut-eye,
Check out these tips!
Although you'll only use your wedding gown once, you have to make sure it'll last as long as your ~*~love!~*~ Here, a couple of tips to ensure it does:For more tips and tricks on how to preserve
It all depends on your wedding date!
While the design and cut of your wedding gown is super important, you shouldn't forget to consider the fabric. Remember: it will determine your level of comfort on the Big Day. Say no to being a sweaty summer bride and
Take note, guys and girls!
Attending a wedding soon? Here's a guide to common wedding dress codes:Black tie occasions require gents to wear tuxedos or dark three-piece suits. The ladies are expected to wear full-length gowns. These weddings are usually held in the
Maximize the use of those beautiful images!
Your photographer's wedding package includes a whole bunch of prenuptial photos, and you think it would be great if you could make it a part of your wedding celebration.Here are some creative ways to display the photographs at your reception:
A wedding expert weighs in.
You'll obviously have a nice gown done for your wedding, but you won't be the only one getting dressed up-and you're expected to take care of the gowns for your entourage as well. If you're on a
These tips will help you come up with versatile dresses for your bridesmaids.
If you want pretty and happy bridesmaids, why not veer away from the traditional matching full-length satin gowns or fully-beaded bustier-and-A-line-skirt tandems? Have them wear beautiful dresses-or even better, have them wear beautiful dresses that
A tight budget shouldn't restrict you from donning a beautiful gown on your wedding day!
Streamline your designYou might have your heart set on having a gown custom-made, so check with your designer if your gown will incorporate pricey fabrics like duchesse satin or expensive embellishments like Swarovski. Ask your designer to suggest more affordable alternatives
Recreating a scene from your fave flick is totes the way to go if you and your hubby-to-be are avid movie fans.
Ahh-prenup shoots. Where to go and what to do? These engagement photo sessions are the perfect excuse to bring out your personality as a couple, whether you're into fluff, mush, and romance, or quirky-cool cosplaying. Here's an idea:
Looking for a song for your big day? We list down some options.
Music plays a huge role in setting the mood in any event, and on your big day, you want love to be the prevailing #feels. If you and your groom are movie buffs, you can find song ideas from your favorite flicks
You'll be so much better than Annie in <i>Bridesmaids</i>. We promise!
A friend or relative may feel flattered when you ask her to be your maid of honor for the wedding, but you both have to realize that the role entails responsibilities, too. listed a maid of honor's responsibilities to
Planning a summer wedding? Check out these ideas from!
A summer wedding can be especially charming, since the season easily brings out your guests' happy and carefree side. Plus, no rainy day anxiety attacks! But there's just one teeny tiny thing you might have to worry about: the heat.When
Want to get hitched without a hitch but still not sure about your plans for your big day? Check out this online bridal resource.
Planning your dream wedding can be extremely overwhelming. You have to make major decisions like choosing your ceremony and reception venue. You also need to decide on the smallest wedding details like your cake's icing. And as you execute your chic