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'I have the funniest and sweetest co-stars and director. THANK YOU.'
Carla Abellana just had an amazing bachelorette party, thanks to her To Have And To Hold family.The GMA-7 actress took to Instagram to express her gratitude and share photos from the occasion."The closest to a 'bachelorette party'
It was hosted by Alex's sissum Toni Gonzaga, no less!
On January 17, Alex Gonzaga announced to the world that she and Mikee Morada were married! In a vlog titled "We're Married!", the newlyweds shared that the ceremony happened back in November 2020 at the Gonzaga family home in Taytay,
Yes, there are *naughty* cakes on this list.
Cakes are always present in most of life's important celebrations: birthdays, baptisms, engagement parties, and weddings. Essentially, they symbolize entering a new chapter of one's life. This means it's a good idea to order a cake for your bestie'
Sarah is well on her way to #BecomingMrsGutz.
Sarah Lahbati, who is set to marry her longtime partner Richard Gutierrez in March 2020, had the prettiest pink-themed bridal shower on January 8.Held at the Vivere Hotel, Sarah shared these lovely photos from her party on her road towards #
What did you do this weekend? Nothing great? SAME! But meanwhile, Selena Gomez threw one of her best friends in the world Courtney Barry a bridal shower and it looked gorgeous.While Selena herself didn't post photos from the event,
Them day one friends sure know how to run things.
Singer songwriter Moira Dela Torre is whiling away her last days as a single lady. With her wedding set on January 14, her besties made sure these few last moments are memorable.The hitmaker posted on Instagram her bridal shower photos, which
I'M READY (and also not invited, so).
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are one of the blessed couples to come out of Summer 2018 and NOT break up, and their big day is just around the corner! In fact, apparently it's in December, so get in line,
We love her dress!
Coleen Garcia is just a few weeks shy of tying the knot with fiance Billy Crawford in April. Last night, the Kapamilya actress was thrown an Italian luxe-slash-floral-themed bridal shower at (where else) an Italian restaurant!Coleen donned a
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The theme? 'Cocktails at Tiffany's!'
After her secret bridal shower trip in September to Los Angeles with her closest friends, 32-year-old Anne Curtis got her second celebration in Manila hosted by her sister, Jasmine Curtis-Smith.This time, Anne had a Breakfast at Tiffany's-
Maid of honor newbie? We've got you covered.
If it's the Best Man's job to throw an unforgettable Stag Party, then it's the duty of every Maid (or Matron!) of Honor to celebrate her best gal pal's last night of singlehood! If you're too stressed
Victoria Court now has <i>Fifty Shades of Grey's</i> "Red Room of Pain!"
Ah, June. The month of bridal gowns, bridal bouquets...and bridal showers! Nothing says adios to singlehood better than a naughty little party. Whether you're planning a small get-together with the girls or a no-holds-barred, "what happens at