Your best friend is getting married, and she wants to celebrate her despedida de soltera with her closest BFFs. As her maid-of-honor (or super close gal pal), you're set to plan a party she'll never forget.
Everyone's guaranteed to have a lot of fun!
The bride chose you as one of the members of her bride tribe because she trusts and loves you, and she wants you to have a front seat on her special day. But there's still one more party to be
Are you part of the #IDo crew?
Every woman asks for something different from her entourage or ~*bride tribe*~. Some bridesmaids simply show up to fittings, attend the bachelorette party, and have fun at the wedding; but there are also those friends who like to go all-out, especially
And she wasn't even sorry about it, ugh.
The perfect wedding means something different for every bride. For some, it's all about the details-the food, the decorations, the invites. But there are also those who don't care about any of that. The one constant ~*surprise*~
What exactly should you say?
Now that I'm almost 30, I've been reevaluating my life, specifically the people I choose to keep around and at times, confide in. What I'm realizing is that the friends I feel closest to and more
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