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Because it's better than therapy.
That Thing Called Tadhana follows Mace (Angelica Panganiban) and Anthony (JM de Guzman), who encounter each other at an airport in Italy. Both hung up on their exes, they decide to go on a road trip to Baguio and Sagada in an
Bitter or better? It's your choice.
You can't fight true love. Just like Miggy and Laida's love in It Takes A Man And A Woman, sometimes it takes time and space to realize what we really want in life. As the Coldplay song goes, "Nobody said
Tired of always being "just the friend?" You're not alone! Watch these funny yet helpful webisodes produced by Ramon Bautista.
Stuck in the friend zone? Ramon Bautista has all the answers! Since 2012, he has been producing YouTube webisodes called Tales From The Friend Zone with fellow filmmaker RA Rivera. Each episode is based on a true story sent to him via's <i>Bitter Endings: Top 100 Patama Quotes</i> book has <i>winner</i> lines to help you get over your bad breakup.
How can you forget your ex without having to resort to murder? believes that laughter is the best medicine, but snarky humor is best reserved for dealing with a relationship's ugly demise.We at Cosmo couldn't agree more!
When Formsping announced that it was shutting down, the first thing we did was raid Ramon Bautista's posts for LOL brokenhearted quotes. Girlies, you'll love these!
Known for his wit and da moves, Ramon Bautista's love advice became certified LOL favorites after he opened his account to the public.The premise is simple: readers send in love dilemmas, and Ramon answers in his trademark pilosopo
Sad and brokenhearted? These celeb tweets will show you you're not alone--and maybe it's time to move on.
When we found out that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev broke up, our hearts shattered into a million pieces. She's hot, he's crazy-hot, and almost everyone was rooting for Team Delena (That's Damon and Elena for those who