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Let's take a trip down memory lane.
2019 is *finally* coming to an end, and we're so excited for the new year and all the makeup trends it will bring! But first, let's revisit the beauty looks that we saw in the last 12 months.
P2,000 for a foundation? Worth it.
While it's true money can't buy happiness, it doesn't mean you shouldn't treat yourself every once in a while! Here, 10 Pinays talk about the high-end makeup products they have no regrets dropping
Achieving the sun-kissed look without the risk of sun damage? We're sold.
Nothing screams "beach babe" more than bronzed cheeks:The latest makeup trend for the year is called "Bronzer Stripping" which means applying bronzer across the cheeks and nose area-where the sun would naturally hit-to create that faux summer glow.It'
Save yourself from looking like a hot mess.
Q: Hi, Cosmo! I really want to start using bronzers. How do I use them? A: First of all, it's important to know that you don't apply bronzer all over your face like a regular foundation or setting powder. It'
We asked a makeup artist to teach us how to achieve natural-looking rosy cheeks.
When done correctly, perfectly blushed cheeks add a youthful glow-especially during the warmer months when we tend to look the least, well, fresh. Here's a super easy makeup trick (it takes less than three minutes) to help you fake a
Three easy steps to get your skin to look like it's lit from within.
Everyone looks better with a tan. Contoured limbs give the illusion that you're slimmer and sexier, and bronzed skin is a great complement to all your favorite summer trends: floral, neon, metallic-you name it!All it takes is three basic
Think only <i>morenas</i> can pull off the golden goddess look? Think again. Here's our take on the ten biggest myths keeping bronzer-phobes at bay.
One of the reasons many people get their makeup routine all wrong is they use the wrong products (or shade and formulation) for the wrong purpose. Bronzers are among the products that have been highly misunderstood and misused, so allow us to
Columnist Bianca shares the essentials every (aspiring) tanned babe should invest in this summer.
If we are to base it on the most popular products in the market (whitening), Filipinas, in general, prefer fair, whitest of white skin. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't experiment with your looks just for summer.Women with darker
Create a new look this school year by enhancing your assets with these NEW <em>kikay</em> kit must-haves.