There's still hope for sparse eyebrows!
Most of us never leave home without filling out our brows because kilay is life, after all. If you're tired of faking it with pencil, powder, gel, and mascara, there are serums that condition each hair follicle and help your arches
Here's how you can get the most out of this kilay must-have.
ICYDK, colored brow mascaras are ~*awesome*~-they add extra definition and shape to your kilay, and they don't melt off when you step outside. But do you know why they're one of our favorite makeup products ever? Because you can
According to a celebrity brow expert.
When it comes to nailing perfect eyebrows, if anyone knows what's up, it's the woman behind make-up mega brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Kim Kardashian's go to brow guru, Anastasia Soare.The inventor of the
Perfect for matipid beauty girls!
If you're crazy about kilay but don't want to spend more money on your obsession, you'll want to know about this.The internet is full of beauty DIYs, and today's genius discovery is from Reddit user charrobeans. On
Here's a way to convince your boyfriend to have it done with you!
Growing up, I didn't mind that I had thick brows. Keeping them on fleek actually became a priority in my everyday life. Brow pencils were my go-to besties to maintain what has become my trademark. But there were days whenever
Which one will give you brows that wow?
You can go through horrible PMS and have zero makeup on, but when your kilay is on fleek, all is right in the world. Let's be real, though: Who always has time for perfect arches? To help you out, we tested
We bring back the '90s beauty trend reimagined on our fave stars.
In 2017, you'll never see skinny brows on any of our current local celebs-until now! Here, we bring back the '90s beauty trend reimagined on our fave stars.VIDEO: Jean Saturnino Follow Jacinda on Instagram.Follow Tisha on
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