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Go on a tasty trip down memory lane with the boys!
We dissected the 40 second teaser HYBE released to find out as much as we can about the up-and-coming BTS recipe book, BTS Recipe Book: Tasty Stories, so you don't have to. ARMY knows that official BTS merchandise
BRB, we’re packing our bags!
You guys, BTS' In The Soop house will officially be on Airbnb! This means that you can rent the estate to rest and recharge the ~*Bangtan*~ way.The luxurious home, featured on IN THE SOOP BTS ver. Season 2, is located in
We are not ready to let them go yet!
For fans of male Korean celebrities, one of the saddest moments of the fangirling life is THE day when your ultimate bias announces his military enlistment. Going to the army is a requirement for all Korean males once they reach the age
We can't wait for 'In The SOOP: Friendcation'!
Like what they often say, friends are siblings from another parent. We may not be blood-related but the connection is just as special. Whether you belong to a small group or a large circle, what matters most is to be able
The biggest Korean stars showed their support for Hobi's first solo album.
BTS' J-Hope's recent listening party was a star-studded event! On July 14, the *biggest* Korean stars showed J-Hope their support by attending the listening party for his first solo album Jack In The Box.Celebrities like
V actually knows the lyrics by heart!
You guys, BTS' V just featured a Filipino recording artist in his latest vlog!In the July 9 upload on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel, V invites viewers along as he drives for a day, during which he makes stops at the
We can't help but love Hobi even MORE!
BTS' J-Hope's new music just dropped and we are crying!On July 1, J-Hope revealed the music video for his highly-anticipated pre-release single "MORE." The track is included in the idol's upcoming solo
It's ~merch heaven~!
Calling all ARMYs and Carats: The In The Soop Pop-Up Store in Manila is finally open and it's ~very nice~! ;)For those who are new to the BTS and SEVENTEEN fandom, In The Soop is a *healing* reality series
'Respect the name of idols.'
Oh no, Bryanboy is under fire after a controversial TikTok video, and ARMY is *not happy.*It all started when a follower noticed that Bryanboy didn't post anything about BTS' V aka Taehyung, who was with BLACKPINK's
What a powerful trio!
K-superstars Park Bo Gum, BTS' V, and BLACKPINK's Lisa recently made a rare public appearance together at Paris Fashion Week and we are crying!On June 24, the iconic trio reportedly flew out to Paris, France via the
RM even personally addressed dating rumors last year.
Big Hit Music is speaking up about the marriage rumors surrounding BTS' RM."The rumors about RM's marriage are groundless," a Big Hit Music official told Korean news outlets on June 24, Friday. ICYMI, speculations that RM is preparing
They're ~visual babies~!
K-pop idols have always been praised for their *stunning* visuals. Their striking features are like works of art in a museum that people would not even want to miss! Wherever they go, they radiate and attract attention. Sometimes, this leads to
BTS-ARMY Albay shares their most memorable projects!
Whether you're into K-pop or not, you've probably encountered the record-breaking group, BTS. In recent years, the Korean septet has become a household name in the global music industry. It's truly inspiring how they
They also had the *cutest* (virtual) interaction!
ARMYs, are you ready for another Charlie Puth and Jungkook collaboration?On June 17, Charlie surprised fans by dropping a teaser for his upcoming single "Left and Right" featuring BTS' Jungkook. The clip showed Charlie calling Jungkook and asking him to
The trip down memory lane made us emotional, huhu.
Welcome *back,* BTS! ICYMI, the ~life-changing~ K-pop group just made their comeback with their anthology album Proof and it totally feels like a love letter to ARMYs. The title track is "Yet To Come" and an accompanying music video was
Keep streaming, ARMYs!
BTS just made their highly-anticipated return!On June 10, the popular K-pop boy group dropped their compilation album Proof along with the music video for the lead single "Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)."As of the time of
Heads up, ARMYs!
PH ARMYs, the beloved seven-member group isn't the only comeback you'll look forward to in the coming weeks. Because *finally,* after 123456789 years (or really, just almost two), the BTS-themed Purple 7 Café has reopened! And
The boys talked about Asian inclusion and diversity, among other things.
Your fave K-pop boy band stopped by 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue today to talk with US President Joe Biden about Asian representation, inclusion, and the hate crimes that have happened against the community. But before their ~*Very Important Meeting*~, the group attended
'I'm going for a good cause.' says BTS' RM.
Popular K-pop boy group BTS is going to the White House!Following U.S. President Joe Biden's recent visit to South Korea, the White House announced that the boy group is scheduled to join the president to talk about "