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It looks just like those libraries featured in K-dramas!
There are certain locations and settings commonly shown in K-dramas that have become easier to spot for fans. There's most likely a scene in a café or a chicken restaurant, one in a park or a bamboo forest, and one
Here's another gorgeous location to visit apart from Seoul!
Anyone dreaming of visiting South Korea will no doubt have Seoul at the center of their itinerary. However, if you've got enough time on your hands, or you just happen to be flying to SK for the nth time, why
Already on our ~*future*~ travel bucket list.
ARMYs already have a lot of places on their itinerary of BTS-related locations, and it looks like we'll be adding another one to it thanks to their rapper and producer, SUGA!We're pretty sure you've watched the MV (
For when you *think* you've tried it all.
Samantha Jones likes to say: "I'm a try-sexual. I'll try anything once," and honestly, that is NOT a bad outlook to have. If you've been feeling extra-ambitious in your sex life (or just a
Ready, get set, go on an adventure.
Another year, another list! What could be more exciting than the thought of future travels? Get another taste of our 7,107 islands through these picturesque gems!Follow Audrey on Instagram.
Got room for one more on your personal jet, Kenny?
As an international model, Kendall gets to visit the world's most breathtaking destinations. To us mere mortals, a trip to Paris is the long-term travel goal; but Kendall can probably just decide to go right now and be there in
Food, amusement parks, OOTD spots, and more!
Gabbi Garcia and her fam recently visited Los Angeles, California, and we're suffering from serious travel envy! But instead of letting it eat us up, we channeled it into something helpful and made a guide to the must-sees and to-
It's now or never!
While there are some people who travel just for fun, there a few who do so to experience the world in a different perspective-they even consider traveling to be a learning experience and very therapeutic. If you're thinking of unwinding
Include these in your travel itinerary!
South Korea is home to a rich culture and some of the world's most flavorful cuisines, therefore making it a great choice of destination for tourists. Almost every corner is bursting with themed cafes, artisan stores, and so many shopping districts.
Local and international destinations you should add to your BFF bucket list!
They say friends who travel together form closer bonds with each other. Embarking on a new journey, conquering your fears, and discovering new things together can boost your relationship in more ways than you can imagine. Here are some places you and
They're simply breathtaking.
While you've probably made your own bucket list of all the destinations you want to see, traveling with someone you love and value can make the trip more enjoyable. If you and your beau are looking for spots to bond and
It's time to know more about our neighboring countries!
Whether you're traveling solo or with your friends, going to a different place can be fun and therapeutic. You get to discover yourself, experience different cultures, and see the world in a whole new perspective. If you're planning to go
There are many, many ways to strengthen your relationship with the bae!
Forget dinner and a movie! Take your date nights to a whole new level with these fun and exciting activities: 1. Conquer a mountain together.It's going to be tiring, but it's also fulfilling. Just imagine the beautiful landscape you
It's completely up to you.
1. Set realistic fitness goals. Enough with the empty promises when it comes to your health! You owe yourself a better, more holistic approach when it comes to caring for your well-being. Sign up for that yoga class you've been
Aka how to survive your 20s with no regrets!
When I turned 20, my ate, who's 11 years older, wrote me a note that said, "My dear, welcome to the best decade of your life." She was absolutely right. If my 20s were frozen yogurt, it would have a gazillion
The most-searched local and international travel destinations in 2015 that you might want to check out!
Local Vacation Destinations1. Sundowners Vacation Villa, BolinaoBolinao, Pangasinan has lots of activities in store for you: swimming in a cave, at the beach, or by the waterfalls, in addition to sightseeing. If you're heading to Bolinao, you might want to check
Real girls share their definitions of success.
What is your definition of success? View the gallery to read how real girls in their 20s answered this question!
What's your New Year's resolution for 2014? Get some inspiration from the Cosmo editors!
New year, new you, new resolutions. 2013 has been a blast, but we know 2014 will be even better. If you weren't able to fulfill last year's resolutions, now's your time to make up for it. Instead of just
How to reach your goals and do more on a daily basis!
If there is anything in the world that you wish you did more, what would it be? Exercise regularly? Travel? Try an extreme sport? There are so many things on our bucket lists that remain unchecked-so what's holding us back?
Still in your 20s? Here are some items you might want to consider adding to your bucket list (if you haven't already).
Before reaching the big 3-0, make sure you've made the most of your 20s by trying out these to-dos shared by real 20-somethings who've made their bucket lists happen. 1. Travel to at least two countries around