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Let's face it: Those designer tees are kinda ridiculous.
By now, you're well aware of the whole designer tee hype that's sweeping celebs and influencers all over the world, and won't have a problem understanding that those items cost a sh*tload of money.But what about us ~
These hidden gems are super easy on the pocket.
If there's one place we can't resist visiting whenever we're in the mall, it's the discount store. These massive Asian chains are treasure troves for all kinds of things, from the practical-eight-pack tissue rolls, anyone?-to columnist Bianca Valerio talks about the best place to snag elusive fashion finds: BAZAARS! Read about the ones you can look forward to this pre-holiday season!
Twitter question from @YourHappyPerson: "I've been wanting to wear those sheer tops...[I've] been to different malls and I can't seem to find them anywhere! Help!"We know just how you feel! There's nothing more frustrating than knowing
A new website is here to help you choose great shopping deals, so you can stay within your budget!
We all get tempted to splurge on the latest "it" bag and hottest pair of shoes, but the reality is that in this day and age, it pays to be frugal. We're all about finding great deals and sales that will
On a tight shopping budget for a new school year or season? Curb the urge to splurge with these finds. There are dresses and tops for less than P700!
College Cosmo chicks are probably scrambling to finish their shopping for the new school year. It's really not the rush that's often the problem--it's the budget. With your limited shopping money, what pieces should you get? Those that
Thanks to more aggressive merchandisers, clothes in your favorite department stores look more and more high fashion--while keeping prices low! Check out the latest from SM.
When you want more trendy clothes you can mix and match for summer, must you really spend too much on each piece? We don't think so! Department stores are there to present you with the latest summer trends you can incorporate
Learn a few <i>kikay</i> tricks from the fashion and beauty insiders themselves! Trust us, following these tips <i>won't</i> hurt your pocket.
Yes, they may be famous, rich, pampered with tons of luxurious gifts, and/or have access to a haven of fab beauty finds, but these celebrities and fashion industry insiders have their own cheap tricks up their sleeves, too! Most magazines today
If you're shopping this long weekend (the end of October), take note of another round of discounts and amazing deals!
The holiday rush is slowly building up, and it's still two months 'til Christmas! So it's not a bad idea to start shopping now, before the malls get even more crowded within the next few weeks. We've got another
Running for "Most Stylish Tightwad Of The Year?" Itchin' to get rich? Or simply looking for something to read? Well, read this!
What the title of this article says is true. Almost. On this Cosmo list are a total of eight books: two titles that save you from being a broke-n mess and six more that save your sanity by distracting you from
Make room for these affordable trendy finds that you can wear to your upcoming holiday soirees.
We all love to shop! However, due to budget constraints, it gets pretty frustrating to look at pretty items that you really, really like--yet have unbelievable price tags. So for your monthly dose of retail therapy, particularly at a time when
If you're seriously on the prowl for fashion steals, then "U.K." is the best place to look. Find out how to score even cheaper bargains.
Proper hygiene aside, many find thrift shopping in the US so fab! However, when it comes to sorting through mounds of ukay-ukay in the streets of Manila, you'd rather be caught dead!Like a zit waiting to be popped, we
Payday weekend's coming up, gals! Here's another roundup of enjoyable ways to save and make the most of your shopping budget.
We know you can't wait to reward yourself for working so hard. In line with our budget theme for October, we give you more tips to score cool rewards and freebies and maximize your hard-earned cash! 1. Shop only when
Cosmo's Style & Beauty expert lets you in on the best spots to score the most <i>sulit</i> fashion bargains.
Everyone has their own little secrets: from crushes to beauty and budget finds. Even if it's your best-kept secret that you're a bargain shopper, and despite your desire for luxury items, getting more value for your money is the
Get great-looking shoes for less, now that famous US discount footwear brand Payless ShoeSource has opened its first store in Alabang. Watch for eight more.
Here's some great piece of fashion news for every budget-conscious, fashion-loving Cosmo chick: Payless ShoeSource, one of the largest specialty footwear retailers in the United States, is now in Philippine shores! As the name suggests, you get fabulous footwear