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Japan, here I come!
While there are serious computations and budget considerations to be made (because that Mt. Fuji tour is non-negotiable), there is a way for first-time Japan travelers to make the most out of this awesome country without breaking bank.With over
Use these tipid hacks, so you'll have more money for shopping!
Here's a fact you might know already: You can get free samples like sheet masks at beauty stores along Myeongdong, South Korea. But here's the catch: The staff handing them out won't give you one freely without being asked
Five palaces for P440?! YES.
Have you been to the country that gave us Gong Yoo? Because you totally need to make the trip. Apart from gorgeous men, South Korea is rich in history, style, and out-of-this-world eats! And no, you won't have
It won’t hurt your wallet as badly as you might expect.
For many of us, Japan is the ~*dream*~ destination in Asia, but we put it off because we always hear about how it's "so expensive." And yes, if you compare it to a trip to Cambodia or Vietnam, Japan is definitely
Traveling on a budget may seem impossible, but this power couple has mastered the art of jet-setting without breaking the bank. Follow their lead!
Traveling is one of the best ways to spend your summer months, but it's hard to go about it without burning a hole in your pocket. Models Robby Mananquil (brother of supermodel Raya) and Valerie delos Santos have found that with