Worry less during petsa de peligro!
You've got your bills and your savings set aside, and even your insurance plans have been taken cared of, too. But while it seems like you've got everything down pat, you end up still wondering why you always
Budget-friendly summer getaways!
Planning a summer getaway is one of the best ways to get your mind off the stress of work, school, or home. But let's face it, sometimes the excitement of putting together a trip can quickly disappear when costs start adding
It starts at P80!
Want to buy a lip and cheek tint but can't decide which one to get? No problem! We have multiple options for you, depending on your budget.Skin Genie Lip And Cheek Stain Alive!, P80, SkinGenie.storeEver Bilena Lip And
For a pair of big eaters, it was such a challenge.
My boyfriend and I enjoy spending our money-it's one of the perks of adulting, am I right? But with everything, there's always a downside: We gradually gained weight, acquired a pile of credit card debt, and neglected to save
"P2,500 for a bottle foundation? Hmmm..."
I always hear from peers that it's expensive to be a girl: You need to spend so much on clothes, shoes, and beauty products to look presentable! But spending a huge chunk of your salary on vanity isn't the case
Find your everyday lippie here!
If you're looking for the one nude lipstick to suit your skin tone and budget, we've got you covered with this curated list of wearable beiges, tans, and browns.1. Ever Bilena Advance Matic Lipstick in Sweet Sorbet (
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