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She spent less than P3,000!
If you follow content creator Rei Germar, you would know that she absolutely loves going to the beach. In fact, she's been to several famous beaches around the world-La Plancha in Bali and Phi Phi Islands in Thailand, to name
Beauty doesn't have to break the bank!
Have you ever thought about how much you've spent on makeup? Is the amount kind of alarming? Well, if you're dying to create new looks but are worried about how much it would cost, then multipurpose products are
Easy, cheap, and super effective keto diet recipes—need we say more?
I first heard of the keto diet the way most people heard about veganism, CrossFit, and spin class-suddenly, everyone around me was doing it, but I couldn't trace when or how exactly it had become a thing. "Low-carb, high-
We spent less than P1,500 for three different outfits!
Taytay Tiangge: Every Pinay fashionista's piece of heaven in Rizal. We've written a guide to this shopping paradise before, but we decided to kick it up a notch and actually do a virtual tour of the place. We
These simple hacks can help you manage your cash flow better.
Even if you're comfortable with your current suweldo, there are probably purchases you want to make that seem to go beyond your monthly take-home pay: It could be a necessity, such as a home upgrade, or a luxury purchase,
We couldn't believe it ourselves.
When Kendall Jenner wears something attainable, we're usually all over it. So when she donned a polka dot mini dress paired with white sneakers, we started hunting for dupes!After some research (in the hopes of copping her exact look),
Budget-friendly summer getaways!
Planning a summer getaway is one of the best ways to get your mind off the stress of work, school, or home. But let's face it, sometimes the excitement of putting together a trip can quickly disappear when costs start adding
Watching out for seat sales really does pay off.
Normally, you'd save up P15,000 to visit one country alone. But as Facebook user MeaKryztine Aquiviano shows, you can get around Asia for very little if you're willing to backpack.Last October, she and her boyfriend traveled
Because ~*glossy*~ lips are back!
The glossy lip, everyone's go-to look during the '00s, is back! The new generation glosses are better than ever-they don't feel sticky and heavy on your puckers. Check out our affordable picks that won'
We have options that cost less than a P100!
Can't seem to find an eyeliner that won't smudge, fade, or melt off? Don't worry! Below we listed down the most smudge-proof kohl, gel, felt tip, and brush tip options for every budget. ;)Kohl PencilYou would often find
For a pair of big eaters, it was such a challenge.
My boyfriend and I enjoy spending our money-it's one of the perks of adulting, am I right? But with everything, there's always a downside: We gradually gained weight, acquired a pile of credit card debt, and neglected to save
You won't be able to resist the shades AND prices!
Don't you just love liquid lipsticks? They glide on the lips like butter and stay on for a long time! It's no surprise they are available everywhere, including drugstores and department stores.That said, we gathered the prettiest shades with
Find your everyday lippie here!
If you're looking for the one nude lipstick to suit your skin tone and budget, we've got you covered with this curated list of wearable beiges, tans, and browns.1. Ever Bilena Advance Matic Lipstick in Sweet Sorbet (
Japan, here I come!
While there are serious computations and budget considerations to be made (because that Mt. Fuji tour is non-negotiable), there is a way for first-time Japan travelers to make the most out of this awesome country without breaking bank.With over
Use these tipid hacks, so you'll have more money for shopping!
Here's a fact you might know already: You can get free samples like sheet masks at beauty stores along Myeongdong, South Korea. But here's the catch: The staff handing them out won't give you one freely without being asked
Gift giving doesn't have to lead to a financial crisis.
1. Start early.We know you're probably busy, but the last thing you want to do is to leave your gift shopping to the very last minute. Not only is that more stressful, it also doesn't give you a lot
Five palaces for P440?! YES.
Have you been to the country that gave us Gong Yoo? Because you totally need to make the trip. Apart from gorgeous men, South Korea is rich in history, style, and out-of-this-world eats! And no, you won't have
It won’t hurt your wallet as badly as you might expect.
For many of us, Japan is the ~*dream*~ destination in Asia, but we put it off because we always hear about how it's "so expensive." And yes, if you compare it to a trip to Cambodia or Vietnam, Japan is definitely
Can or cannot, lah?
Just a couple of months ago, CNN officially declared Singapore as the most expensive city to live in. Let that sink in-it's MORE expensive than Tokyo AND New York City. Everybody found out and for the first time since 2009,
Having the best Valentine's date ever doesn't need to cost a fortune. In some cases, you don't even need to spend at all! Here are 10 of them.
1. Go on a "dinner date" at any grocery store that gives out nibblers (try Rustan's or Robinsons Supermarkets). Then, hit up a wine shop during a tasting night. For dessert, stop by an ice cream parlor (like Gelatissimo) and ask