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Running for "Most Stylish Tightwad Of The Year?" Itchin' to get rich? Or simply looking for something to read? Well, read this!
What the title of this article says is true. Almost. On this Cosmo list are a total of eight books: two titles that save you from being a broke-n mess and six more that save your sanity by distracting you from
If you're seriously on the prowl for fashion steals, then "U.K." is the best place to look. Find out how to score even cheaper bargains.
Proper hygiene aside, many find thrift shopping in the US so fab! However, when it comes to sorting through mounds of ukay-ukay in the streets of Manila, you'd rather be caught dead!Like a zit waiting to be popped, we
Payday weekend's coming up, gals! Here's another roundup of enjoyable ways to save and make the most of your shopping budget.
We know you can't wait to reward yourself for working so hard. In line with our budget theme for October, we give you more tips to score cool rewards and freebies and maximize your hard-earned cash! 1. Shop only when
Cosmo's Style & Beauty expert lets you in on the best spots to score the most <i>sulit</i> fashion bargains.
Everyone has their own little secrets: from crushes to beauty and budget finds. Even if it's your best-kept secret that you're a bargain shopper, and despite your desire for luxury items, getting more value for your money is the
These days, nobody's too posh to live on a budget--not even your favorite stars. Find out how A-list celebs cut back to live the (kinda) simple life.
True or false: Celebrated fashion maven and Beatle daughter Stella McCartney went to state school up until high school instead of attending some exclusive prep school with other rock royalty brats.Fact or fiction: In Buckingham Palace (a.k.a. Princes William
Score the best deals and make the most of your fashion budget with these shopping tricks.
It ain't called bargain hunting for nothing!But to make any hunt successful, one must be prepared for a fashion fight! So, allow us to give you our top six tips for your shopping trip:1. KNOW WHAT YOU WANTBoredom really